Sunday, 22 March 2015

INGLOT vs Maybelline Eyeliner | Comparison

Since I wear eyeliner basically every single day, I can tell that I am happy to use a good liner because if the liner isn't good I just don't do the lines because I would freak out.

So, at the moment I have two liners that I use to line my lower lashes/eyelids, and aprat from that I have several eye crayons but they are rubbish on my upper eyelids since my lids are quite oily and the colour doesn't stay where it should. So there is only the choice between liquid liner or gel liner for me.

And I got the Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel liner, which is a Benefit gel liner dupe, and I am really happy with it.
On the lids it is bery pigmented, it doesn't smudge and since it is waterproof, it is really difficult to take it off. I like the applicator and the consistency because it is not runny but not to hard either. It is easy to work with in my opinion -obviously other girls may not like that type of eyeliner but I actually find it pretty easy to use.

And then I also have the INGLOT liquid liner that I didn't use for some time because I just got so used to the Maybelline gel one, that I was sure the liquid liner with a felt tip would make application so much more difficult to me now.
But, since I hate having make-up and letting it lay around in the corner, I decided that I need to start using this one too, to get used to it.
And I have to say that I've been using it over the last few days and I have to say that I am not a big fan of the very liquidy consistency, and I can somehow not create a "catflick" that easily compared to the tip of the gel liner, but with some excercise, a tiny flick works out.
A thing that can be seen as a positive is that it is easy to take off, since it is not waterproof.
Again, the pigmentation is very good and one layer definitely covers the skin underneath 100%!
I guess it is easier to create very thin lines, because of the pointy felt tip and just to make the lashline look fuller but in a more natural way.

I guess I am really happy to have found a very good gel liner but also a very good liquid liner and I can't really tell which one I like more, I would say that I am happy to have both and to be able to chose for a certain occasion and not to be stuck with one option only.
They both stay on all day long and don't chip off the skin, they don't lose their dark colour, so I would say that they are great.

Also, both of them are on the drugstore side of price, which is another great thing about them!



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