Sunday, 8 March 2015

Empty Products Of The Last Weeks

This entry will actually be a long one, which I didn't really plan, but once I looked into the empties-bag, I got surprised by how many empty products I've collected lately.
I'll just start, introducing the products in categories, since I think it's better this way.

First- hair...
I have 4 hair shampoos here, but two of them are the same ones but in different sizes. It is definitely my favourite shampoo, the Pantene Pro-V Smooth&Sleek.
I've already mentioned it in other posts and I have to say that I've tried many different shampoos over the last year and this one is actually the only one that works on my hair! It cleans my hair well and doesn't make it sticky while washing. My hair looks pretty after washing and that's the important stuff.
I have another one that I'm running out of but it's an enormous bottle compared to those two!

Next I have the Garnier Ultra Doux shampoo I got in Poland since I've heard many good things about it. However, it was a total disaster and I was happy when it got empty. It says that it's made for greasy hair but it actually left mine greasy after washing so I don't see how it should help. It just totally didn't work, it made my hair sticky and it wouldn't let the water through, the foam was trapped under all the layers of hair and after drying it, you could feel it a lot.
I definitely need strong shampoos, so I won't be repurchasing this one for sure.

The last hair product is the Batiste cherry smelling dry shampoo. I even wrote an entry about what I think of dry shampoo, and I have to say that even though I barely use it, since I don't see any difference really when I use it, I like to have some at home, just in case. So, yes I have a new one and use it occasionally.

Hand wash...
Here we have 3 empty hand soaps from Carex, the fun edition and there is one bubblegum scented and two coca cola bottles scented. I have to say that the cola bottle edition is my favourite!
The bubble gum one was cool too,but I didn't like it that much to be honest. I've also tried the strawberry laces one ages ago and loved it! So I'll hopefully get that one soon again. As you probably already know, I love those Carex hand soaps and they will most likely return to the empties all over again.

Body care...
In this category I have my favourite deodorant, which is from Dove and is from the pomegranate and lemon verbena range. I've repurchased it all the time for the last two years now and I still love it! I'm currently using the roll on from that range and once it's empty I'll start using another spray ,again from the same range! Surprise! I love the fresh but delicate smell!

And the second product here is another great product- the Soap&Glory Sugar Crush body scrub. This is perfect on so many levels: the tub design is cute, the scrub particles are quite big and you feel them properly on your skin, the smell is so zesty and amazing, and of course, your skin feels great after using it! The only sad thing is that it is  actually quite pricey, but no worries, I have another tub in my storage!

The last category- beauty...
Let's start with the Garnier micellar water. I guess I am probably the only person who is not so happy with it and I mentioned it many times before. It removes the make up well, apart from waterproof one, but the smell that stays on my skin is killing me. I am glad I've finished this bottle finally.
I have the blue one from the Garnier range now and I have to say that it also has the smell,but I think a bit less intense. Still, I am really hoping to get the Bioderma once again.

My Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer is already well known to the ones that read my blog entries regularly. Right now I use the lightest shade of it and it matches my skin tone perfectly. It makes my under eye circles look better throughout nearly the whole day, which is great!  It also costs only about £4, but I guess that I need a new one every two to three months. I am currently running out of my current one and need to get a new one this week.

The last product I found is my Yves Rocher noix de coco lip balm, which I love for its very creamy consistency, for the very beautiful smell and it is actually the best lip balm I've ever tried. And trust me, I'm obsessed with lip products!

I guess this entry contained nearly only good products, which pleased me a lot!

Let me know about other good products that you'd recommend!



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