Saturday, 14 March 2015

Another Day Spent In Bed

I feel so sad about this whole food poisoning situation because it complicates so many things at the moment.
I've been in bed on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday I felt perfectly fine and started eating pretty normally since the doctor told me to do so and now I am so angry at myself that I did this because on Friday I was back in bed and so I had to stay at home today as well. I had to call in sick at work, which was already enough for me and I am laying in bed with all my French notes around me. I am terribly hungry, my stomach is sore and every time I try to eat something, the pain doesn't stop completely so I am totally confused because I just don't know if my stomach is so sore from being hungry or because I shouldn't eat or what.... It even makes me want to cry because I know that I have to go to work tomorrow and it will make me exhausted, as usual and the fact that I can only eat light things and not too much, scares me and makes me think that I'll be way too hungry and too weak to work properly.
I just feel bad about being ill and wish I can wake up tomorrow, feeling already way better and being able to function like a healthy person.
Also, the exam on Monday stresses me a bit because I know that I have to go and that I have to be healthy by that time. And I really hope I will be.

 I feel like crying and would love to have my parents around me, even though there's not much time left until we see each other again. In fact I will see them in 17 days again, which is so soon.
I wish someone could spend some minutes with me, sitting next to me just trying to make me feel better.
Those are the situations that make you so sad that you are not with your family.

So, since there is nothing else I can tell just now, I'll tell you to go and watch the two videos I uploaded yesterday, because that would be really cool, since I'm doing those videos for you.
And I'll go back to some revision and to wash my hair and make sure I prepare everything for work.

Thank God for those two life savers! Thanks for Polish shops in the UK. They are saving me just now.



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