Friday, 13 March 2015

My Morning Routine Video + Vlog!

I felt pretty well yesterday and started eating, which caused that this morning I woke up with the same symptoms that I had over the last few days when I felt terrible and stayed in bed or the bathroom. So, this means that I am not going anywhere today, I only popped into the pharmacy quickly and that was it. Also, I am again weak and just won't be able to work tomorrow so I found someone to cover my shift so that I can rest a bit and maybe I'll be able to work on Sunday.
This also means that I will have some more time to revise for my French speaking exam, which makes me a bit happier.
And, since I'm spending today at home as well, I thought I'd film a short video about my morning routine. I just filmed sequences of what I usually do when I have to go to College.

So, if you want to find out how my usual mornings look like, go and see yourself!

And here is the vlog!




  1. Oh my god, you're sooooo beautiful!

    1. Well, I think I look scary without make-up :'), but thanks.

    2. every girl thinks that :D but apparently we're not monsters without makeup haha