Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Studying French And Reading Camus

So, since I'm doing the Advanced Higher French course at College just now, I'll have assessments coming over the next months until the year is over.
I already had my first exam, the speaking part and tomorrow I'll have a prelim, which is basically a mock exam. However, it could maaaybe be helpful if you get into trouble during the actual exam in May. (From what I've heard.)

I also had to read one book so far, in French obviously, which is "No et moi" by Delphine de Vigan.
It was part of the speaking exam and I also had to write an English essay about it and I also need to write a French one.

Now, I had to get myself another book, which is a French classic, written by the philosopher Camus, that I've learned about at school. This is a more difficult book to read as you can probably tell and we got the choice to read it in either English or French since we have to write an English essay about it and it wouldn't really matter.
However, my teacher told me that the French used in the French book is easy to understand, it's more the thinker point, that would also be an issue with the English version.

At first I even considered reading it in both languages, but then I decided to go for the French version since that's what I'm here for, to learn it properly.
It will also give me some new vocab to pick up and useful phrases too, so I guess I can't go wrong with it really.

So, the book I'm reading now is "L'etranger" by Albert Camus and it will probably take me some days until I'm all done with it and I should finish it by the end of this week/ beginning of the next week.
I guess I'll go and start reading straight away. :)

Are you a bookworm?
Because I actually like reading..



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