Thursday, 12 March 2015

Small Boots & Primark Haul | New In

I finally feel much better today after this terrible food poisoning and went to College since it was my last French class before my speaking exam. It was supposed to be on Tuesday but now my turn is actually already on Monday, which means that I actually have even less time to revise than I planned. I still have to learn a lot and for this reason I will stay at home tomorrow and make myself a cosy day in, instead of going out to explore, like I usually do. It's just because I work all Saturday and Sunday long and won't have too much time to revise during those two days and I definitely need some more revision for this exam.

But, after College I decided to quickly go to Boots and Primark because I had to get a new concealer since I've run out of mine and also because I needed some new pairs of tights because I don't have any pretty ones left and therefore only wear leggings or jeans. 

So, first I quickly ran to the bank and then to Boots, where I got the concealer and FINALLY found the Soap&Glory Sexy Mother Pucker in the shade Charm Offensive, which my aunt loved and bought off me back in December when I got it from the huge Soap&Glory Christmas box. And from that time on I've been looking for it every single time I went to Boots and it was just sold out all the time and I already thought I'd never get it back. But today I found three of them on the shelf and immediately took one of them because waiting some more time could be risky again.

I also managed to find the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in the lightest shade straight away, which doesn't actually happen too often, so I was pretty lucky today!

Then I went to Primark because as mentioned before I needed new tights. I always wear 100 den tights and love them but today I actually got only one pair of 120 den ones, since there were no 100's and I also got a three pack of 80's because I thought that they would be maybe nice for spring too. 
And another pair that I've been looking at for ages now and always said to myself: No, you're not gonna wear them. But this time I couldn't resist any more and thought I could maybe actually rock them somehow. They are more woolly kind of tights and grey with lots of cute raccoon faces on them! They are so cute and I thought it would be fun pairing them with a quite plain outfit and to make the tights a statement.

Now I'm back to my French notes and hope I won't get tired too quickly because I really have to study ...




  1. You're blog is amazing! Please do your morning routine. :)

    1. Aww, thank you so much!
      I should definitely do such a post! I'll try to do it as soon as possible, thanks for the suggestion!