Sunday, 15 March 2015

What's in my Bag? - Day in Town

I've done such a post already last summer when I was here in Scotland, using the same bag. But I thought since it's getting springy again, I would do an update, even though not much has changed.
Still, I'm using this bag the most when going to town or to the shop.
It's because the size is so practical, it holds everything I need outside the house, but I don't overpack it, what I usually do with bigger bags, which makes them even heavier (logic.).

I also like the caramel, light brown colour of the leather and the fact that it has crossbody strap.
It is also from Fossil, which is probably my favourite bag brand, even though I only have one so far, but I just like their styles so much and am dying to get more, but they are a bit pricey and I just can't afford to get one whenever I want just now at the moment.

I unfortunately got a little light patch on the front flap ages ago and I have no idea where it came from and when it happened. It frustrates me a lot but I try to just ignore it. But it does make me sad a lot. Still, I love this bag very much!

When it opens, it has a flat pocket in the front with some cardholders, which is pretty cool, but I only use it for shopping lists or maybe my buspass. I also keep some change in them sometimes or just chewing gum or lipbalm, small bits and bobs you could say :)

In the bigger compartment I carry around all the bigger things (obviously), but as I said I try to only take with me what I need because I hate walking around with a heavy bag.

So those are the things I usually always have with me.
Since the weather changes here VERY quickly and it is VERY windy, I started carrying my small umbrella with me, and also my Tangleteezer to detangle my hair from the wind. The umbrella is from a brand called totes, and you can find them here, although I couldn't find my print. I like it because it is small and flat so it always fits in my bag and to be honest, it's better to have one with you at any times, here in the UK-trust me.

Then I also have this little black and white polkadot purse where I keep loose change. I don't have a proper wallet at the moment, since my Fossil one broke and my dad gave me his Fossil one, but obviously it's a men's wallet and I look pretty stupid with it paying in the shops. So I just took all the cards out that I need more often and have them in my phone cover. I got this little purse from Primark and I think it's pretty useful.

I always have lip products in my bags. Probably not only one, but usually three or four. You can never really know what you'll need on a particular day, right?
However, I try to have one lip balm, this one is from Yves Rocher in the raspberry scent and it actually makes your lips pink so I tend to use to coconut one.
And then I also have a lipstick or a lipgloss (or both). Here we have the Sexy Mother Pucker gloss in Charm Offensive, which I absolutely love!

Apart from that I also always have chewing gum and SWEETS. Now, sweets are usually a thing I have with me in College and everybody knows that. It's just that I need small snacks to keep me through the day...

I also have my phone with me everywhere, obviously, because I'd get lost if I needed to find a place here or whatever.

And the last thing to mention is hand sanitizer. I always have my Soap&Glory Hand Maid with me, just because if I want to eat something I feel quite disgusted by the fact that I don't even know what I've touched before on my way to where I am at the moment and it freakes me out. So, hand sanitizer always makes me feel better. It comes in a small, practical size, so why not?

Maybe I'll also upload a post about my College bag and what you can usually find in it, if it is of any interest to somebody.

Please, don't forget to check out my latest two videos here!

I'm going to study some more for the rest of the evening, since ir's my French speaking exam today and I really want to pass it.



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