Thursday, 26 March 2015

Another Blush... | New In Beauty

Some days ago I had to order a book for my French course and since I think it is useless paying for delivery, I was trying to find something to add to the book order so that I wouldn't need to pay for shipping. So, I found this Sleek Blush and I am in love!
The packaging is so plain, but the matte black colour of it with the glossy writing looks just so pretty in my opinion.
I found that the shade of the blush itself is not so pink like my other ones, what I think is a good thing because now I have something that I didn't have yet.
The shade is called Rose Gold 926 and it is more of a peachy tone I'd say. However, it is really glittery and even on your skin it does stay like glittery. And I was thinking that this would make a great blush for summer when I'm tanned and not so pale any more. It doesn't make such a contrast to the bronzer, like the pink blushers, and I just think this look is very pretty and as I already mentioned -summery.
It is also my first Sleek product and now I guess I will buy more of them...

I will now try and enjoy my Thursday evening, with a nice cup of tea, I will also finish my muffins that just came out of the oven, I'll read the French book again and start writing the essay, I will revise for my Spanish exam and spend some time on the Internet.
Are your plans a bit more exciting ?

PS: Canon sent me a message saying that my camera is being shipped back... Exciting!