Tuesday, 24 March 2015

My OOTD: Flowers and Glitter

This morning was a sunny one again so I new I wouldn't need to wear too many layers again. I went for a pretty spring-y outfit once again and enjoyed the sunshine sitting on a bench at the College Campus before class, without freezing my bum off.

My floral "silky" strappy vest is from Primark and I got it last summer. I am surprised by the quality of the fabric to be honest! I've worn and washed it pretty often so far and it stilll looks like new.
I also wore this silver glittery skater skirt, which is made of a very thin and elastic fabric. It has a thin belt and it also is from Primark. I also have the same skirt but in a burgundy colour. Why? Because they were 1 Euro each, so...
Then again, my black tights, which are also from Primark. ( So much Primark today!)
The cardigan is again from Zara and I've had it for SO many years! I already had it when my brother was born... which was 6 years ago. I have to admit that it still looks like new, well, the colour has maybe faded a tiny bit but apart from that it is still perfect.
On top of everything I wore my black faux leather Pimkie jacket, like the days before and then since it wasn't as warm as the last days, a navy scarf with some tassels and a flower print around the edge that I got from my aunt some years ago.
The necklace is from Dorothy Perkins.

To match my jacket colour, I wore my leather flats from Clarks, that I really like, especially if I pair them with cute dresses.

My eyeliner situation escalated a bit this morning, so I ended up with a pretty dramatic cateye look, but well, it wasn't too bad I guess.

I didn't show the bag because it is covered with my jacket in the first photo, but it was again my blue pin-up Gabs shopper.

Time is flying so fast and in nearly a week I'll be flying to Vienna. I am super excited and can't wait. I want to start packing already but I know that this is a bit pointless yet. 
But then again, I am a bit scared after the Germanwings crash today... I never worry about flying because I know that it is generally safe, but now I just hope that everything will be fine.

Now I'm off to study a bit and to have my hot cup of tea and eat my Ben&Jerry's ice cream. Is this normal?!



  1. So pretty!
    how long are you staying in vienna?
    What are you going to do once you're there? :)

    1. I will only have my flight to Bratislava and my parents will pick me up and take me home for the evening and night, the next morning we'll be going to Poland to spend Easter with the rest of my family. We'll stay there for some days and then come back to Vienna, where I'll spend the evening and night and then head back to Edinburgh the next afternoon. So, I won't be there for long unfortunately :(

    2. Well, wish you a wonderful time with your family! xxx