Monday, 9 March 2015

My OOTD : Day at Home + New Laptop!

Hello guys!
I spent today at home, but I got ready in the morning any ways since I was supposed to go to College. However, I had to stay home to pick up my parcel, that arrived during the time I'm usually in College.

But, I first wanted to show you my outfit, since I haven't done it in ages and someone even wrote me that they miss them. And I too, miss outfit posts and only stopped doing them for now, since it was winter and I couldn't find winter clothes that I'd like and for that reason I wore jeans or leggings with one of my three jumpers over and over again - which was definitely boring and people could think I don't have any clothes. But jeez, I do!

So, here's my more springy outfit finally again!
Since, I only went to the shop today, I added the bag to show you which one I picked - it's my favourite bag, from FOSSIL, which you can fully see here. Unfortunately, it is currently unavailable at FOSSIL and I'm not too sure whether you could still get it from there.
 I definitely love the style of it and the size, since it's perfect for a day in town, to bring all the most important things with you.

I am wearing my favourite pair of jeans, which is this one from WAREHOUSE that I still got in summer and regret that I only took one pair. I love the zip on the side instead of the front. As you can see, this pair is also quite high waisted and goes nicely with crop tops- which I did today. This pair too, is unavailable at the moment, which makes me so sad. It is so difficult for me to find perfect skinny jeans. Either they are too big and too long, or too tight in the thighs and too long, or they fit perfectly in the waist but are too short... It is a nightmare for me to find jeans and if I find a pair I should definitely start buying two of them at once!

My crop is a short jumper with pink hearts from H&M that I got more than a year ago and I even have an outfit post on my Lookbook with it. I always struggle to wear it since I'm never too sure if it looks cute or childish, but when I finally decide to wear it I really like it.
I'm not wearing shoes at home obviously, but I wore my black studded boots outside and my grey H&M winter jacket and black knitted scarf to keep me warm from the horrible wind.

I also had to take a selfie with Maya because she is just SO CUTE!

My make-up turned out pretty well today, obviously cause I wasn't going out so that nobody would see it. On my eyes I used the shadows from the Urban Decay Naked on the Run palette and then my Maybelline gel liner + the black and orange Rimmel Scandaleyes mascara for my lashes.
My lips are still dry and since it is terribly stormy outside too, I decided not to wear any lipstick. I just apply some lip balm once in a while to keep my lips somehow moisturised.

Well, this was my outfit and from the title you've already guessed- YES, I HAVE A NEW LAPTOP!
And I am so happy and excited about it. I let Eryk choose it since he has a bit more tech knowledge than I do and this laptop has 8 GB of memory and a hard drive of 1 TB in case you wonder.
 I got my first laptop on my 13th birthday and had it until last beginning of summer when it broke down and my parents decided to buy me a new one for my 18th birthday. Woohoo! The thing is that until some days ago I didn't choose a new laptop and that's why I didn't have one. I've used Eryk's computer all the time and that's why my blog posts tend to come up at different times and usually quite late, which also brings me few views only. 
But from now on I hope that I'll manage to upload blog entries more regularly, but maybe not every single day instead.
I will also be able to work better for College and won't need to rely on Eryk all the time. 

PS: Since my first laptop was a surprise gift from my parents and it was pink, I decided to pick another pink one, this time it's a more vibrant colour though, because it reminds me so much of home. It's just a personal thing and I know that many will say that I should have picked a black or white one, but it's just about the memories really. :)

Let me know what you think :)




  1. Love it! and I'm in love with your hair :D I wish mine grew so fast :(

    1. and you look like you lost some weight, because the jeans aren't tight on you

    2. Oh thank you!
      I don't have any scales at home, which annoys me, but the last time my weight got checked was in the hospital in January I think and it was the same it's been for a long time. Maybe I did lose a kilogramme though, could be possible but I could also be wrong :D

  2. Nothing short of gorgeous, as always! Plus, that bag is a treasure. Your sense of style never fails to amaze me, Olivia. Oh, and I love your new laptop. The chic pink color definitely suits your fabulous style. I hope you're enjoying your new gadget. Thanks for sharing that! Stay gorgeous! :)

    Cordia Remsen @ RB’s Computer Service