Monday, 16 March 2015

Nude Lipgloss | Comparison Urban Decay vs Soap&Glory

I really like wearing lipgloss, once the wind is not blowing of course, and I can never really decide which one to go for. I don't have many and they are also not that different, so today I wanted to compare and contrast two of my favourite lipglosses (if you can even say that)- one is more affordable, and the other one is more high end you could say.

Soap&Glory's Sexy Mother Pucker is a fun lipgloss to look at. First of all- the title is funny and I'm never too sure if this is even appropriate but I just love that catchy name.
This range comes in about four or five colours if I'm not wrong. However there are kind of two different ranges of them. I actually have two of the Sexy Mother Puckers and one of them is clear and it is that one that plumps your lips, so it kind of is supposed to make your lips look fuller and it stings. And that Sexy Mother Pucker is not the same as the one I'm talking about today. The one I'm talking about is also called a lip lacquer and not a lip gloss, like the other one.
This one is in the shade Charm Offensive, which apparently is very hard to get your hands on, and it is a very thick gloss. It is sticky and glossy but not too shiny, so it is glossy and kind of matte at once!
It is very pigmented and you can definitely tell there is a lot going on, on your lips.

I love this gloss because it is basically buildable, so you won't have a ton of it on you rlips straight away, but it will be visible for sure. The shade is pretty elegant I'd say. It's nude but then again it does give your lips a specific colour that is hard to describe. I would call it a dusty pink with teeny tiny bits of shimmering particles.

Urban Decay's Naked lip gloss is said to be a nourishing lip gloss and comes in a beautiful rose gold packaging with a see through bottom to see the actual colour of the gloss.
Now, this gloss is very similar to the Soap&Glory one, if you compare them in their tubes. The only thing you could probably say is that the Naked gloss is more shiny and slightly darker.
But, once you apply it to your lips it is definitely a more clear gloss with much less pigmentation. It is a really nude shade in the end and you can basically tell you are wearing a clear, colourless gloss, or a very slightly tinted one.
However, this gloss is pretty minty in its smell, also quite sticky but a lot more shiny and light weight than the Sexy Mother Pucker.

So, which one do you prefer? :)

PS: I had my first French speaking exam, which is weird because I'm already doing Advanced Higher and I guess it went pretty well but unfortunately I won't know my grade until the end of the year, which is in about July. :(



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