Thursday, 22 September 2016

Hello Autumn...

I woke up in the morning feeling much better than I did over the last few days. It looks like now that Autumn is officially here, and the weather is getting more and more stable, my body got somewhat used to the fact that Summer is over and it's time to move on now.

By now, you will all know how much of a summer person I am. I feel pretty depressed when I'm cold, when there is no sun, only rain and wind. I need a lot of clothes to keep me warm during the colder months and lots of hot tea and shortbread.

However, there are also a few ( just a few things ) about Autumn and Winter that I like, just because in Summer they are not the best things to do...

I love burning candles all around my flat on dark, grey days when everything you can do is just sit at home, stay warm and watch TV or read a book. Scented candles from Yankee Candle or WoodWick candles are my favourite ones ( this reminds me of the fact that I should order myself a new WoodWick sometime soon actually!).

Another nice thing is getting to sit in my office. The thing with my office is that it is surrounded by windows that go from the floor, up to the ceiling, thus during summer it gets incredibly hot in here, so I only go there just to take something or bring something back really and it is actually a spot in my flat I really love and that I really wanted to make pretty and cosy. Now, during the colder months it also gets pretty chilly in here, but I always have a soft blanket with me that I can wrap around my body, I will have a cup of tea and I can sit all night long and study ( or watch series.).
And now that I also have my little buddy here with me I took one of her towels and put it under the desk along with her favourite toy and she was sleeping on my feet this afternoon when I was studying. SO CUTE. ( She likes to jump into the bin and rummage around there, so I need to make sure it's always empty, but apart from that she's a great buddy!

And the most important thing about chilly days and nights is EARL GREY TEA! Omg how I love having a hot cup of tea with some sugar and lemon inside. This has to be by far my favourite drink and it makes me a bit sad that during summer it is just too hot to drink tea a few times daily.
With my Earl Grey tea I love having some biscuits, like Digestives or Shortbread.

Let me know why you like Autumn! :)



Friday, 9 September 2016

My Favourite Body Lotions (Ziaja, Soap&Glory, Moschino & Garnier)

Ok guys. Now that I started studying 20 minutes ago, it came to my mind that I didn't write a new blog post in two weeks ( though I filmed another video), and that it is the perfect moment to do so now.
So, now I'm sitting here, blogging instead of revising for my exams. Oh well.

Summer is nearly over and even though I didn't get as tanned as I wanted to, I still was out in the sun a lot and after the summer months I feel like you can tell that your skin is a bit dry.
Also, to keep your tan for a bit longer, a good idea is moisturising!

So, this post is about my daily after-shower-routine really. I'll talk you through my four favourite body lotions and oils and I hope you'll already know some of them and agree with my opinion.

Firstly, I wanted to mention the Ziaja Cocoa Butter body lotion that I've been using quite a while now.
I love the minimalistic design of it. It's white, simple and it matches my bathroom well ( I never thought I would care about such things, but well, now I do.)
I also wrote about this incredible body lotion in this post, which is why I don't want to talk too much about it now.
The things I really like about this product is obviously the beautiful cocoa butter smell- it gives you the impression of having a really good pamper session and the smell just stays on for so, so long!
Secondly, I usually use this after taking a shower. I spread the lotion all over my body and then my skin is glowy, silky smooth and it feels so hydrated straight away!
And finally, when I get up in the morning my skin is still as soft as it was before bed-time, though I still like to apply some more on my legs when I'm about to leave the house with my legs on display.
I like the shiny, glowy look of freshly moisturised legs, it somehow makes them look so firm and tanned.

Another great thing about the big Ziaja body lotions is that they come with a pump and this is the best invention ever! You don't squeeze out too much product, you don't need to hold the packaging with your greasy hands and this is really such a great thing!

The second lotion comes from Soap&Glory and this has to be my favourite skin care brand!

 The retro design of every product, the amazing, unique scents and the crazy names of the products are just so special! Even though Soap&Glory is more on the pricey side, I still can't walk out of the aisle without buying a thing or two. ( At least that was the case back in the UK- in Vienna it's very difficult to find Soap&Glory and if you do, you find about 5 products at a ridiculously high price. Very disappointing,)
Soap&Glory is pretty much the opposite of Ziaja. Though I love both brands ( the good thing is that Ziaja is already available everywhere in Vienna).

The Butter Yourself moisture lotion contains shea butter, orange waterjuice, fig pulp extracts and almond, mango & moringa oils. It really is so, so moisturising and the smell is insane! It's so intense and therefore stays on for ages as well.
What I find interesting about Soap&Glory is that the scents always remind me of perfumes for men? I absolutely love this because it reminds me of Eryk and the first Soap&Glory products I ever got from him.
Soap&Glory also did an amazing job with the 500ml bottle and a pump ( I give another + for the pink packaging!), the lotion goes a very long way, it somehow seems to never finish. But I already had one before and I remember that it too take me absolute ages to finish off, which is amazing. I love it when great products last long. Who doesn't?!
The body lotion was included in the Soap&Glory Christmas box from 2 years ago and I hope that this year I will somehow manage to get another one because it is such a bargain and you get a box of products that will last you for the next two or three years and then you end up with so much stuff that you don't even know what to do with it really. But hey, I love Soap&Glory ( Hint for everyone who doesn't know what to give me for Christmas or my birthday :D ).

The third body lotion for today is quite a recent addition to my skincare stash. I got it from my mum for my birthday back in April and she also got me the matching perfume, which is my favourite at the moment.
The Moschino Chic Petals body lotions smells just as good as the perfume itself, it's great for days when you don't feel like wearing perfume but you still want to smell pretty.
The lotion is very liquidy and I can tell that one drop of the lotion is enough to hydrate one arm. Which is good I guess.
I like the girly design of the tube, with the golden letters and the flowers on both sides. It is expensive but it's another great gift idea in my opinion. The perfume and lotion make a good team and ensure you smell amazing during the whole day!
I obviosuly don't use this lotion on a daily basis because I don't really want to use it all too quickly, so this is my "special-occasion-lotion".

And the last product for today is the Garnier Body Ultimate Beauty oil. I didn't like the idea of body oils until I got this one I have to say.

This oil is such a weird product really. You spray it on, massage it into your skin and then it gets absorbed and it doesn't feel like you ever put oil on your skin? Except that your body is SO smooth and it looks beautiful and healthy. The oil gives your skin moisture, the skin looks illuminated, it's immediately radiant and satin-like. It's so soft that you won't get enough of stroking your own legs. The oil costs around 6 Euros I believe and it is so worth trying!
The only thing that bothers me about it is that when you spray it onto one leg for example, then you massage it in and then you need to spray again, your hand is sliding off the pump and the whole bottle gets messy. But I guess this is just a general issue with body oils. Still worth buying!

Since I probably have Psoriasis my skin is shedding non-stop really and it tends to just look white if I don't use moisturisers on a daily basis.
Therefore those 4 products are my absolute life savers and I will definitely repurchase them once I use them up.

Let me know if you've used any of the products and what your impressions are!