Thursday, 22 September 2016

Hello Autumn...

I woke up in the morning feeling much better than I did over the last few days. It looks like now that Autumn is officially here, and the weather is getting more and more stable, my body got somewhat used to the fact that Summer is over and it's time to move on now.

By now, you will all know how much of a summer person I am. I feel pretty depressed when I'm cold, when there is no sun, only rain and wind. I need a lot of clothes to keep me warm during the colder months and lots of hot tea and shortbread.

However, there are also a few ( just a few things ) about Autumn and Winter that I like, just because in Summer they are not the best things to do...

I love burning candles all around my flat on dark, grey days when everything you can do is just sit at home, stay warm and watch TV or read a book. Scented candles from Yankee Candle or WoodWick candles are my favourite ones ( this reminds me of the fact that I should order myself a new WoodWick sometime soon actually!).

Another nice thing is getting to sit in my office. The thing with my office is that it is surrounded by windows that go from the floor, up to the ceiling, thus during summer it gets incredibly hot in here, so I only go there just to take something or bring something back really and it is actually a spot in my flat I really love and that I really wanted to make pretty and cosy. Now, during the colder months it also gets pretty chilly in here, but I always have a soft blanket with me that I can wrap around my body, I will have a cup of tea and I can sit all night long and study ( or watch series.).
And now that I also have my little buddy here with me I took one of her towels and put it under the desk along with her favourite toy and she was sleeping on my feet this afternoon when I was studying. SO CUTE. ( She likes to jump into the bin and rummage around there, so I need to make sure it's always empty, but apart from that she's a great buddy!

And the most important thing about chilly days and nights is EARL GREY TEA! Omg how I love having a hot cup of tea with some sugar and lemon inside. This has to be by far my favourite drink and it makes me a bit sad that during summer it is just too hot to drink tea a few times daily.
With my Earl Grey tea I love having some biscuits, like Digestives or Shortbread.

Let me know why you like Autumn! :)



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