Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Christmas Wishlist In October?!

When I was a child I used to write my wishlists for Christmas already in October. I have no idea why, but I thought it was a good thing to write down all my dream gifts as early as possible, as by Christmas I'd already forget all of them and I would remember them again when it was already too late.
So, I still like to write down what I'd like to buy myself, what I'd like to put money aside for, or what I'd like to get for Christmas or my Birthday.
I totally hate it when people ask me what I'd like to get and I just can't think of anything, even though there are always some small things I dream of..

Well, today I thought I could share five ideas for Christmas, that would make me extremely happy if I got them (or bought myself).

1) I would like to have a new bag for College. I have one at the moment, the GABS one, but it is too colourful to wear it with every outfit, which totally annoys me. But this is my only big bag, and I need a big one because I need to take a folder with me, my glasses, a pencil case, a notebook, some snacks, a drink, my purse, my camera and phone, my agenda and so on.
And I am currently thinking of two bags I could get. One is affordable, the other one is expensive.
So the affordable is this one, and it would be nice to have it because it looks cool and the prize is nice as well.
Now, the other bag I just ADORE is a leather bag from Fossil. I just love their bag designs and even though I already have one of them, I'd love to have a bigger one too. I am in no way planning on getting it as a gift from someone. It is something I really want to put my own  money aside for to buy it once I can. It is this bag here and hopefully I won't change my mind and in some months I will be the owner of it.

2) I want to make more beauty related videos and blog entries, but first I need some good equipment to get started. Now, I thought of this nice Sleek palette, which is not to expensive but is said to be great. I could use it for ages and would have all the eye shadows I'd need in one palette.

3) Also, some make up equipment would be a mirror with some light. I  wanted the popular one from No7 but couldn't find it anywhere and recently I've found this one from Mark Hill on the Boots website and maybe that will be available in stores at some point any time soon.

4) What I also took into consideration is this three pack of Ted Baker lipsticks. I've read a blog post about them and they are said to be nice and I thought that I could make use of some more lipsticks in my beauty space. They look beautiful for sure and I would be happy to have more than only one lipstick to chose from.

5) And then it's just random things I could think of, like a Yankee Candle for our room, for some other decoration that we could use, a warm cardigan for winter, some Shortbread in a pretty tin, a nice perfume (preferably Escada-Cherry in the air)...

And don't forget, these are just some ideas I could think of at the moment, my mind can change until Christmas and I am not even sure if I'll like these things until then.

What are your Christmas wishes? Do you already know?



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