Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Monthly Favourites | October

It is nearly the end of the month again and this means that it is time again to review some products I've loved using over the last weeks.  So let's get started because I need to prepare a salad soon. :)

First we have two cremes this time. The Vaseline hand cream has also some anti bac in it, which is quite handy because you have two products in one. It also dries in very very quickly and doesn't leave a greasy layer on your hands. They smell fresh and clean. And it gives you nice moisture as well. It is though quite liquidy and not too creamy so you really need only a small drop to moisturise your hands.
The Kaufmann's creme is something I use for my chapped lips and as the cold seasons are here and my lips dry out horribly, it is a really useful product that I keep in my handbag when I am on the go. I don't use it always, but it is surely better than usual lip balms. Also, the price was less than 2 Euros I think and it will last for ages.

Also, last time I bought the Barry M nail polish in the shade Ballerina. It is a dusty pink shade and it reminds me so much of the wall colours of my old room. It is a really pretty colour, covers perfectly after two shades and is quite long lasting I'd say. 

And then we have three make-up products that I also bought last time.
The Bourjois Quad palette in shade 02 Over Rose is a nice and basic palette in my opinion. As I've never really used eyeshadow before, I feel like I won't do anything too wrong with it. The colours are very light and the palette also has an applicator, though I don't use it. 
Some more information about the palette is available here.

Next there is the Bourjois Healthy Balance compact powder which mattifies and smells amazing! It also has a pretty packaging and I got it in shade 53 Light Beige. I am in love with it because it does not only give you a matte finish but it also covers up a bit blemishes, redness and so on. And it is not cakey, but very light. I really enjoy using this one and I need to say that it is surely my favourite powder of all times.

And the last product for today is the Barry M Gelly Hi Shine lip crayon in shade 4 Sirius. you can get it here. Well, the smell of it is amazing, the colour of it is amazing. It is so glossy like a lip gloss but it feels more like lipbalm on your lips. It is also moisturising so it doesn't dry out your lips.
The only thing that is negative about it is that we just broke it. I wanted to find out how to get some more of the crayon out because I've already used all of the tip and it looks like you can twist the end and the crayon will come out, but it doesn't. So I asked Eryk to sharpen it for me but he decided to first find out what this end was about. So he chopped it off. Well done! Ha ha! Now it looks horrible and there is still no more product at the tip as there was. Looks like I need to sharpen it on my own and use some tape to cover up the open bottom. Eryk however said that he's buy me two of them as a "Sorry gift", but we'll see if this is going to happen.

And here is an extremely stupid picture of me, just to show you how the lip crayon looks like. :)

Have a nice evening everyone! I am going to the kitchen now. :)



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