Monday, 13 October 2014

Baking Halloween Muffins

Today I could finally get some proper sleep and in fact Eryk's sister woke me up at 12. Eryk was already at work and I cleaned up the horrible mess in our room, played with Maya and sat downstairs with the girls as they were filming a new video.
I also did my make-up sometime later during the day and when the girls left I decided to also film a video, not a vlog. After that I wanted to bake some muffins and as it is Halloween quite soon, I thought that I could kind of give them a spooky look. But in fact they don't look Halloweeny at all but at least they should taste nice. And to be honest, that's the more important point with food.

I didn't do the dough myself because we recently bought a Sponge Cake mix and wanted to try it out so I've used it today for the muffins. I just needed to add 8 tablespoons of milk and two medium eggs and used Nutella, desiccated coconut and some Halloween Haribo's to decorate the ready muffins.
At first I also wanted to add a Malteser into each muffin, but then I changed my mind, and I also wanted to add some Toffee Crisps but in the end went for Haribo's only.

And that's what they turned out! As I said, they are not too Halloweeny apart from the ghost and bat Haribo's, but hey, at least we have muffins!

Tomorrow I should go to town to send my mum the parcel finally and I also wanted to check out some shops because I haven't been in town for so long already. The weather however is not said to be the best so hopefully it won't be too rainy and I will actually go. 
And we'll see what we'll do during the rest of the day.



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