Saturday, 11 October 2014

My 5 Favourite Nail Polishes + New Video!

Today I thought it is about time to write a beauty post again, while I am trying to edit the video, that should be live since yesterday already. Due to audio issues we didn't want to upload it because it was quite crap and that's not what it should be. So I am editing it again just now and I hope that this time it will finally work.
So back to the nail polishes!
My nails are sadly a total mess because they keep breaking and so on and they are always way too short to look pretty and I also hate it when I don't wear nail polish. However, since the beginning of the summer holidays I somehow didn't paint my nails really often because I just couldn't be bothered to be honest. I need to fix the nail polish every day as my nails start splitting in half and the nail polish chips off obviously. It is really annoying and I don't even know any more what else I could do to make them strong.
I even used to have gel nails to make them stronger and help them grow but they still broke with the gel. And that was painful. So I stopped.

And now I try to make them look at least a bit prettier with nail polish and I have some polishes that I like a lot and I'll show you which ones they are.

My most recent purchased nail polish is from MUA and I've read on a blog quite a long time ago that they only cost 1 pound and that for this price they are really good. So after my dentist appointment I thought it was about time to get myself a treat and I just chose a purple MUA nail polish from Superdrug. It is called Plum Noir and it contains 6,2 ml. The bottle itself is so tiny and cute, but yes, I used two coats and I really have to admit that I am totally happy with how it looks like.
So maybe I'll go for some more of them because you can never have enough shades of nail polish! Especially for that price!

The second recent nail polish I got was a white one from Barry M in shade Matt White. It contains 10 ml and was 2,99. As it is a white polish, I need three coats to make it look pretty, but still, it is a nice result in the end. There are no smudges after the third coat and I think that's still acceptable with a white nail polish. 
This is my second Barry M nail polish, and it can happen that in the future there will be more of them in this little floral bag.

When it started to get warmer, earlier this year I bought a nail polish from Essie with my mum. It is called Play date and contains 13,5 ml. They are pricey and with two coats needed, they could be a bit better in my opinion. But they are still good and from time to time I think I can go for one Essie polish. I actually have two of them over here and left about four in Vienna, so that my mum could use some of them too.

Before I got the nail polish from Essie, I bought my first Barry M nail polish during my stay in Scotland in April. I got it spontaneously from River Island and it is the red one, called Raspberry. It is a pretty burgundy colour, I'd say and again, it contains 10 ml and I like to apply two coats of this one as well to make the colour strong and not see through.

And the nail polish I bought already back in February in Poland is from Golden Rose and it is a matte black polish. It is awesome because it really is matte and it covers up so nicely that you usually only need only one coat. It contains 11,5 ml and costs about 10 zl, which is about 2 pounds. Well, that's a bargain I'd say. And I also need to say that all Golden Rose nail polishes are really good and I'd highly recommend them.

So these were my 5 favourite nail polishes at the time, I can't guarantee you that I won't buy any new ones that will be great in the near future, but I'll try not to go totally crazy.

Also, I finally managed to somehow edit the video. It is not like I wanted to have it, but we just can't get how you can add audio tracks but turning down the volume a bit so that you could hear the original audio properly. If anybody knows and could help, please let me know in the comments!




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