Monday, 6 October 2014

Golden Syrup Cake and Tea Time

The morning was horrible. It was completely stormy and I was sure that if I left the house, the wind would blow me away immediately and I was seriously scared of it. It was also raining and surely not a good day to spend outside your cosy home.
And I already considered staying at home but I also didn't want to not go to the lesson. So Eryk and I had some lazy breakfast, which was nice, and I eventually decided to go to College as it was not raining any more.
So while I was away Eryk cleaned the house, which made me so happy when I came back. We had some wedges and chicken and then he sadly had to leave for work. But he will be back in four hours any ways.
I did the laundry because the laundry basket was running out of space and we would like to have some nice clean clothes too.
Now I am just sitting with my hot cup of tea and my Golden Syrup cake, which I am totally in love with! I even told Eryk this morning that we should get some Golden Syrup and make pancakes.
And I listen to Clean Bandit too. I think their music videos are so great, and the music itself obviously any ways.
As I uploaded my first video on Youtube last Friday, I thought it would be nice to upload weekly vlogs from now on. But I'd also like to do videos about specific topics and the first one I'd like to film is a "50 facts about me" video, as I think it is great for letting people know what you are like, to let them know what you like and what they can expect from your channel.
So hopefully I will manage to film it during the next days.

Oh, and I also found some interesting flowers in our garden, I am not sure if I've ever seen them before or not...

Well, see you tomorrow again then!




  1. When new video will be up ?

    1. Maybe, if I'll have time to edit it, tomorrow. If not, then on Friday. :)