Friday, 24 October 2014

Bourjois Quad Eyeshadow Palette | Review

Last week I went to Boots and treated myself to some beauty products. I finally need to make my "collection" grow a bit because at the moment it is quite rubbish. Also, today on the website of Boots I found THIS and I am nearly crying because I want it so badly! Any one wants to be my Secret Santa or anything?

Well, so last time I got the Bourjois Smoky Stories Quad Eyeshadow Palette in 02 Over Rose.
They cost 7,99 pounds at Boots and are available in eight different combinations. For some reason I took the one with the pink colours, I think because they are the lightest shades offered from this collection and I am not an eyeshadow pro yet, so I didn't want anything too dark for the beginning.

I don't use this palette for work  as I prefer sleeping longer than spending my time in the morning being angry with my horrible eyeshadow look. I do use it for College, as I just have enough time to play with the palette, to make my eyes a bit prettier.

 The shadows come in a handy, small palette with an applicator, that I don't use. But it is maybe helpful if you need to fix your make up on the go or don't want to take additional brushes for travelling.
There are obviously four different shades coming from one colour, which is a nude, dusty colour in this case. You can see here what other combinations there are. 
I find it a bit disappointing that you don't get any information about the shades on the back of the product, like in what order to use it, or on what part of the eye to apply it. It only says on ads on the shelves in stores and online. So I just decided to write down what each shadow is supposed to do.
I somehow find it difficult to use the Highlighter because it is nearly like lose glitter and it falls on your cheeks and then you are shimmery all over your face. But maybe there is a trick behind it, that I don't know yet.

When you swatch the shades, they are really really delicate and buildable. It can be annoying sometimes, because you need some time to get a pigmented look, but as I said, for beginners it will be helpful to not "overdose" and look like a clown. 

I am not too sure whether I'd buy this palette again, maybe a darker one would be more pigmented and faster to use, so time will show if there is going to be addition to my eyeshadows from this collection.

What do you think?

And I just realised that it is Christmas in exactly 2 months!




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