Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Non-Beauty Monthly Favourites | October

Well, yesterday I showed you my beauty favourites and today we are heading over to all the other random things.

First, for this month I thought of fairy lights. We have these flowers from IKEA on our headboard of our bed and I like to turn them on in the evening when I am sitting in bed with Maya or doing something on my phone or tablet. It is a really warm light and it makes the bed even cosier than usual. Today I was actually looking out for some more fairy lights for our room, but I don't want them to be really light LED lamps. These ones are just perfect and they were only 4 or 5 Euros back when I bought them about two or three years ago. (They do have the "European" ending so I have to use an adapter for them.)

Next I decided to add the Polish Almette soft cheese with some herbs. It reminds me so much of my aunt's house because she always buys these and I love them so much! In Austria I never had them so it is a really Polish taste to me. And here in the UK you can buy it in ASDA for a pound. I bought this one yesterday and nearly half of it is nearly gone!

For some home ware stuff I chose our new Febreze air refresher which smells like apple and spice. It says that it is a Christmas edition and in my opinion it really totally is! It adds such a warm, but fresh smell to the house, or room as we use it for. We still have an other one that smells like summery flowers but at the moment I surely prefer this one. And also the design of the container is so cute and festive. Even though it is not Christmas yet, I feel like it is going to be Christmas really soon so I'll keep using it for now.

And of course, as summer is definitely over now and we have less sunshine and more clouds, it gets darker sooner, it is not as warm any more, I just think tea makes me feel better and happier throughout the day. I have the Water Your Body app on my phone and I try to drink as much as possible and I nearly always go for tea, except of the time when I am at work or in College, where I have flavoured water or a latte.
Tea makes me warm when I am cold and keeps me hydrated at least.

Some time ago I ordered myself this phone case off Amazon and I didn't really care about what kind of case it is, I just wanted to make sure that my phone is a bit safer. And I chose this floral case with a magnetic closing strap and some pockets on the inside for cards or cash. It is really handy if I just quickly need to go to the shop and don't want to take a bag and a purse and all that stuff with me. And it is also handy when I am waiting for the bus because I know where I'll quickly find my Ridacard. It is not the best quality, but as I said, I just wanted to get something as quickly as possible to protect my phone and I am happy with this case.

And the last thing for today are the Hobnobs biscuits from McVities. They are oat biscuits, half covered in milk chocolate. They are really tasty and I love dipping them into my tea and munching them in my bed while checking Instagram or reading magazines. 

The Castle has pink lights all around it. This is also a thing I love this month!



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