Saturday, 25 October 2014

Autumn/Winter Wishes

Alright. It is really getting cold and every day I am struggling about what to wear to be comfy and warm, but it never really works out. Most likely it is due to the lack of basics, and what's more, winter stuff in my wardrobe.
I would need to buy myself some practical pieces but as I know myself this won't work out too well because I am somehow so busy at the moment and I am also trying to save up money for Christmas gifts.
But who said that you can't dream of clothes?
Let's do it then!

Well, my first obsession right now is this beautiful winter parka from Superdry.  Winter Parka
 I wanted to get it in November, but to be honest, I already have two winter jackets and four autumn jackets in my wardrobe. It is also quite pricey, although I could wear it for at least some years.
I would love to have it and maybe with some weeks of saving up, it will be mine. If I don't change my mind, if they don't discontinue this collection too quickly, if I have the money for it...

Next in my bookmarks I've found some pretty shoes that seem quite stable and durable. Winter Shoes
They are from New Look and are again quite pricey, but they are made of leather and I love leather shoes because they are always so durable and I keep them for years. But then again, I already have my leather boots from Clarks and also my beautiful Doc Martens that I could start wearing any time soon to be honest. Oh, and then I also have some black boots too...

Another piece I could need is a nice autumny, wintery dress that I could wear with thick crochet tights and boots, with a warm cardigan and big crochet loop scarf. Dress
I have soo many dresses but most of them are really summery and others are more for special occasions than for every day use. This cute dress from Asos would be quite nice, except the fact that it is terrible windy in the UK just now and that wearing dresses is currently very dangerous if you don't want to show your bum to everyone.

As I love knitwear and I have definitely too little pieces of them I could definitely get some more thick jumpers over the next weeks. Knitted Jumper
I love the ones H&M does and I think that most likely I'd get one of these if I went for one.
Jumpers are cosy, warm and go with everything, so that's surely a good thing when you are about to travel to a cold country during a cold time of the year.

And also something that makes me curious are velvet leggings. I was thinking of buying some last year already but wasn't too sure whether it's a good idea or not. But maybe this year I'd go for some to change my legwear a bit, which is usually black leggings or my Warehouse jeggings. Velvet Leggings I am not too sure though if I'd like the touch of them. But I can go and have a look maybe.

Well, so these are things I am dreaming of this Autumn, but am not too sure whether I'll be able to get my hands on any time soon.

What are your autumn/winter essentials this year?




  1. I love reading your blog! Can't ever wait to read another post!! I would love it if you did more vlogs on make up and maybe like random facts about you and your life ;)

    1. Thank you! I will definitely film such videos too. Hopefully this week I will manage to do at least one :)