Friday, 10 October 2014

Rainy Day And New Video

 Today we went to the bakery in the morning to get our breakfast and we also did some grocery shopping as we were already running out of food, which is not too good.
Vest: Primark, Jumper: H&M, Skirt: H&M

Back home we had to unpack all the shopping bags and clean our room because it was a total mess. When everything was done I could finally start editing the new weekly vlog and I just finished cropping the individual videos and it is converting right now. The music needs to be done once this is ready and then hopefully it will be nice enough to be uploaded to YouTube later today.
It is kind of a strange day because at first it was sunny but chilly, then it was suddenly raining and now the sun came out again. It is autumn already and it doesn't make me happy to be honest.
Tomorrow I will have work again and if it will be raining in the morning and I will be soaking wet with my hair dripping, I will get so angry. But maybe it won't happen. That would be good. And on Sunday I will also be at work and at the end of the weekend I will be totally exhausted as usual. But some good news are that I have holidays starting on Monday so I can sleep as long as I'd like to! I should also send a parcel to my mum finally buy things for the parcel, sweets for my dearest Noah.
I should also check some tickets for December as they will get horribly expensive during Christmas time.

As every weekend, tomorrow's and Sunday's posts will be up a bit later because I will be at work until 5.

Once the vlog will be up , I will post the link to it here so you can check it out.



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