Sunday, 5 January 2014

Keep Calm and Eat Haggis!

Hello my dear readers! :)

Today I am feeling better, my boyfriend is soon going to be home and then we can talk on Skype again, I can't wait anymore! :)
I just thought that I could write something about Edinburgh-why I like this city and show you some pictures that I took :)
I hope that you're going to like them and that you'll enjoy this post! Also, feel free to show my blog to your friends if you feel like you need to! :) I would be really, really happy if I had more readers than just 5 a day! :)
 So basically, I've been to Scotland in October 2012, for the first time and here are some pictures I really like:
Here I am standing in the Princes Street Gardens,just off Princes Street and behind me you can see the beautiful Scott Monument. As you can see, I had my nice tartan scarf with me :)
This place is beautiful and especially in Summer you can see all the people laying there in the grass, picnicing, children playing around and similar situations. This is really a place where you can feel comfortable.

The National Scottish Gallery and Academy and a nice café down there. This place is also overfilled in Summer while Festival time! Lots of music and people amusing you there! This place also is situated in the Princes Street Gardens off Princes Street.

And heeeeeeeere, you can see one side of Edinburgh and the sea. I was standing on Calton Hill, which is only a short walk away from Princes Street. Also on warm, sunny days people like spending their afternoons there. And trust me, the view is breathtaking!

Now the second time, I've been to Edinburgh in August 2013 and also took lots of pictures!

Here is my boyfriend with me, in front of the pretty castle :3

And here is the castle on this gigantic rock! :O On the left there is a cute café.

Here I am in the graveyard next to the Princes Street Gardens and it is quite a creepy place but it looks so cool!

We also went to the National Museum of Scotland which we both really enjoyed!

I don't know where I am here, but it was somewhere in Edinburgh, and I am wearing my boyfriend's old sweater :)

Such a cute bar on the way from Leith Walk to Princes Street! Look at the colours!

And this is a picture to show you the huge mass of people I was writing about earlier :)

Princes Street Mall, I like the architecture of this place. It's a mall underground and I like the glass roof! I like it how the old town in the back looks like composed with the new glass design!

And here we are on the Royal Mile, on our way to the Museum. Again, lots of people everywhere, awesome architecture and I just enjoyed it!

What I like about Edinburgh is the very very old architecture, but the point is that it is not like ruins, but beautiful buildings, there are people who care about them so they stay pretty. Also people are mostly very nice and happy. I felt so nice there, like nobody was stressed, everything was so calm and what I REALLY loved was the sound of bagpipes that I heard from nearly every corner in the city center. 
One thing that I am not used to is taking buses, there are so many buses because this was the only public traffic that existed until December. Now there are also the new trams in the center that I didn't see in person yet but I think that I would do better going on trams than on buses, because on the bus you don't know which stop you are at and the driver also doesn't shout it out or anything and as a person not knowing the city well, it's quite hard to find the place you want to go taking the bus. Of course I am sure that this is just a matter of time and that you get used to it easily.

So these are just some impressions of Edinburgh and if you want to see more then just comment this post, tell me what you want to read or see and I will try my best!


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