Tuesday, 21 January 2014

My small nail polish Collection :)

Good afternoon! :)
Today is a cloudy day and not really pretty to be outside, so I am quite happy that I can stay in bed some more time until I get healthy again!
At first I wanted to do an other entry, but in the end I decided that the other one is more work and I can't do it today, but I will soon! :)
So today is about my tiny nail polish collection. I don't have a lot of them because usually I have gel nails, but as all my nails just broke, I am doing a small break from gel and I am using my nail polishes now, so that's the reason why I am posting this :)

Let's get started!

Here they are!

First of all there are my six Essie nail polishes that I own.
I really like the texture of them and how they look like on my nails. They are my favourites in fact.
So the colours from left to right are: 
1) 24- In stitches
2) 79- Sand Tropez
3) 75- Smokin hot
4) 94- Lapiz of luxury
5) 98- Turquoise& caicos
6) 102- Play date

Then we have some Golden Rose lacquers from Poland, which are also amazing!
1) Nr. 59
2) Nr. 208
3) Nr. 353
4) Nr. 288

And here are the ones from other brands
1)P2 Color Victim-260 drama
2)Astor Mikado-08
3)Catrice-25 Robert's Red Ford
4)Wibo Art Liner-14

So these are the ones that I use the most. Of course I have some other ones too, but I don't use them.

Hope you like some of them and that this will be an inspiration for you :)




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