Friday, 17 January 2014

What's in my bag? - Doctor meeting edition & Delicious Amaretti!

I know that I posted already today but I thought that I could upload my yesterdays's what's in my bag entry even though it is really nothing special.

My little bag is from H&M and I bought it some time ago with my cousin Daniela, for 10 Euros. And she has the same one ;)

As you can see, these things are my bag essentials as they also took part in my first bag post :)

This bag is soo little, but trust me! It has enough space for a little Innocent smoothie bottle, a phone, keys, chewing gum, a wallet and lip gloss, and I am not kidding! My friends from class are always laughing because I always manage to have the smallest bags and to have so many things in them :D

And look at this! *___*
This is so delicious!
My mum got a huge tin with these Amaretti called Virginia(which is also the name of my mum) and in the tin there are these biscuit things, wrapped up like candy!
It looks soo cute and they taste so good!

Half of it is in the belly already :3 (Sorry!)

Have a nice afternoon and evening! :*



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