Thursday, 2 January 2014


As I have some free time now, I thought that I could maybe share some festive impressions with you. I know, Christmas is over already but since I had no blog before I thought I could write about it now.
In this post I am not going to show you my Christmas presents because I want to photograph all of them at home and now I am still at my aunt's house in Poland and my presents are not all in one place to show them quickly. But as soon as I'm going to be home and have some more time I will upload a post about the gifts, and YES, I totally love them!

So let's start with some nice festive pictures of my Christmas time :)

Some nice hot wine at the German Market in Vienna

Our Christmas biscuits which taste awesome!

Our festive table with some tasty traditional food :3

My cute little cousin Lilia 

                                                                    Happy Me :D

Trying to get some blurry effects

Some decoration :)

                                                             Some more decoration :)

So this is what Christmas with my family looked like. There was lots of good food and maany many gifts for everyone and I really got some awesome things and I was nearly crying!
And now Christmas is over, the new year has begun and in 2 days my boyfriend will be leaving Poland to go home after 3 weeks spending time together. I feel very bad actually because I will miss him as always and we are hoping that he is going to come over for our 2nd anniversary in February as there are no flights available for me to go to Edinburgh. If we aren't going see each other in February, we hopefully will in April in the Easter Holidays. Normally we would go to Poland but we found some flights for me and I would be SO happy to go to Scotland again! Of course this is just thinking about it, my mum said that it depends on what school will look like in the next months because if I am going to have a lot to do then probably I won't be allowed to go.  ( Sad Oli :c )

 I'll leave you now with this awesome song -> Sweater Weather <3

Bye, bye, bye! :*


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