Thursday, 23 January 2014


Hello guys! I just returned home from school and I have to study so much!
But I will quickly post my outfit from today.
Hope you are ok :)

My sweater is from H&M that my boyfriend bought for me a year ago for Christmas, the skirt is AGAIN the same but it is my favourite!!! And also black thights that are new :)

I painted my nails with the blue Essie nail polish that you can see in my Nail polish collection post, if you haven't seen it yet.

I also had my GABS bag with me today that I really really like. It is very practical because you can clip it into three different shapes and sizes.

Here you can see how big it is and how it looks like while carrying it.

And apart from these, I had my fake fur coat on, because it was quite cool today, my red loop scarf and my beautiful Dr. Martens again.

So I hope you enjoyed it, and now I am rushing to revise everything I need to, because I won't finish until the evening!

PS: I just have about 690 clicks... can we reach 1000 before January ends? Would be awesome! <3
Edit: Come on guys! Two more clicks today and we'll have 700 views this month already! :*



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