Saturday, 11 January 2014

What's in my bag? - Shopping day Edition

Today I am going to show you my bag of the day and what is inside, as I am going for a short walk down town. I think that most likely I won't buy anything as I've been to H&M two days ago and bought only two pairs of thights even though there is huuge sale everywhere. But we'll see!
Also, yesterday only 3 people read my blog! :O This made me very very sad because I made a room tour and then nobody wanted to see it. Maybe you were not interested in this kind of entry and I would really be happy if you told me in the comments what kind of entries you want me to do so I won't bore you anymore.

But now let's start the bag post!

Bag from Primark
Some nice smelling tissues

my pretty purse

favourite lipcare

my phone that I always have with me!

some nice Vaseline that soon will be gone!

chewing gum

my keys

a small bag in my hand bag

and this is what is in the small bag!
So this is basically everything that I carry around with me when I am out of house, but occasionnally not at school either. I don't even need all the things, but just in case I would need them, I like to be prepared than not to be! Right?Well, so what I also wanted to say, is that I am going to study a bit for school before going out and I also need to paint my nails before I go. And I need to leave in 2,5 hours!
I am also proud to say that I FINALLYYYYY started writing my special topic for school that I need to hand in in February and I have to write 15 pages in English about a theme that I chose. And this is really hard work and I know that I should have started much much earlier. But as a student you always know this, but never do this! ;)

I hope you have a nice Saturday, and hopefully the weather is good, because here in Vienna it is so sunny and it has 10 degrees! WOOOHOOO :) Don't forget to keep coming back every day! :)PS: Something is wrong with this post as I can only write on the right side and I really don't know what happened after I uploaded the pictures :C -Olivia

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