Sunday, 25 May 2014



Sadly the week ends already and my finals are getting closer and closer. But on the other hand, they will come so quickly that they will be over soon and the adventure will begin!
Because of that I finally decided to buy myself a camera. Yes, a new one. I already have a pink digital camera, but somehow it got sooooo bad that it is just laying around in a drawer. The pictures always turn out orange and I don't know why, it was quite good when I bought it about 5 years ago.
I also have big camera, the one that Eryk bought, the Nikon D5100. I love this camera and I am happy that we have it, but if you want to take pictures on the go, it won't be the best camera for carrying around all day long. It is perfect for taking pictures on long trips or around the house, in the garden and everywhere you stay, but as I said, it is quite big and heavy so you don't want to carry it everywhere with you. Because of this reason, I found a compact camera on Amazon that is said to be quite good, especially for filming, so I thought that I would buy it myself from my birthday money. I wanted to start doing vlogs once I arrive in Scotland and I believe it is the best solution. It should arrive this week and I really hope it will! I also bought an extra battery and also a camera bag sort of thing to keep it safe. The battery is said to arrive this week as well, but the battery should be here in early June, which quite annoys me, but alright. As long as everything arrives in my house I will be happy.
We will see how the camera will be and I really hope that it will be worth the money, because I also could have spent it on things when I move out or something, but it was really important for me to get this camera.
Let's keep our fingers crossed!

Oh, and we also finally managed to book ALL the tickets! The journey will begin so soon! I can't even believe it!

I took this picture today with out Nikon D80. So summery finally!

And here I am casually standing in front of McDonald's after a nice McFlurry with Bounty. Oh yeah.



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