Saturday, 31 May 2014

Not getting enough of shoes and bags?!

Hello everyone!
Today is such a nice day, it finally got warmer again and I woke up early in the morning because my dad, brother and I decided to go and spend some time together, we went to shops and I got two really nice things I would like to show.  As you may already expect from the title: yes, I got a new bag and new shoes. To be honest, I was desperately trying to find these shoes for ages already and never found them, and today was the day I finally found my size. I totally love Vans and I always try to have at least one pair of them at home ( don't ask me why, it just became a habit over the last years). Since my black Vans got some holes already and I can't really show them too much anymore, I decided to buy a new pair of Vans and I got a liiittle bit crazy. However, I thought this pair would be fun for summer and I just went for it.

I bought neon pink Vans and they look so cool! I can't wait wearing them in summer when I will have tanned legs because I think that it will look so nice then.

And the next thing is a gift from my dad and I am so happy about it! It is a bag from Fossil and it looks so beautiful to me. I will sit down and throw all the other bags away that I definitely don't use anymore because now I have everything I need I think.

This beautiful bag you can find here if you are interested

I am really really happy that I got this bag and I hope that I will keep it for a long time. It is not too big and not too small so I think it is perfect for College (as I am not going to go to school anymore), town or a day out somewhere.

All pictures were taken with the new Canon camera and I think it is just amazing!



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