Friday, 30 October 2015

Friday - Vlogday

Hello everyone!
I am so sorry that I don't post much lately but my life has gone pretty plain and boring because of uni. Everything I do during the day is get up and ready for uni, attend the lectures, come back home late. And then obviously, Saturdays I'm working too, which is another day where I can't really blog.

However, this week was pretty exciting and busy because of the National Holiday in Austria, we also went out and in between the lectures we even managed to do some shopping - which is great.

If you want to see what this week looked like , check out the vlog now!

Also, enjoy Halloween and have a nice night out with your friends! I'll be working all day long tomorrow and will probably be so exhausted afterwards that I will come back home and just sit in my bed with a nice cup of tea and some sweet treats!



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