Sunday, 25 October 2015

Autumn Empties (Face, Hair, Body)

Hello everyone and welcome back on the blog!
Since I'm so busy lately I don't even have enough time to blog properly, but today I decided it was time again to create some content for you.
I actually wanted to film an empties video because I think it is just so much nicer, but until I managed to get this thing started it was already way too dark to film anything. So I decided go write some lines- still better than nothing.

It's actually not too many empty products this time, but the boxn is surely full and ready to be emptied. 

I used up my Batiste Eden dry shampoo and it really made me sad because Batiste is so expensive here in Vienna (and also hard to get). I also haven't seen this new scent over here yet, so this is even worse. Over the last few months (from August until now, the end of October) I've been using this about once a week. It helped me not washing my hair every two days on the hot days, but every third day and this was seriously life saving. I always said before that dry shampoos don't really help me much- which is true, but they do make my hair look a little bit less greasy and give them a nicer smell.
Right now I got a different dry shampoo and I'll be probably doing a comparison one day.

I also used up my Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light conditioner, which at first seemed like an average conditioner that wouldn't make a difference to my hair. I bought it during our holidays by the sea and I've used it until now. By the time the conditioner was half empty I started loving it! I realised that after blow drying, my hair was SO soft and silky that I was just sitting there, stroking my own hair for like the rest of the evening. However, I only realised this once I've used way too much one night- which then turned out to be the right thing to do. Now I'm gonna try and find this in drugstores because I definitely think it didn't make my hair greasy and heavy/flat. I loved it.

Next we have one of the Pantene Pro-V shampoos that I always use, except that this was the Repair&Care version, which I also do like a lot because it does make my hair clean, it is not sticky or crazy in a different way. Those shampoos are really made for my hair!

Same thing with the Head&Shoulders Classic Clean shampoo- it does clean my hair nicely, but I feel like the Pantene Pro-V is actually a little bit better anyways.

A few weeks ago I didn't feel like painting my nails, so I felt like using those 14 Day Nail Shields by Sally Hansen, to "nourish" my nails a bit ( apparently those shields work like nail conditioners or something). I bought about 6 packs of those, in two different shades and I really enjoyed using the other ones, which were basically invisible and stayed on for good 4 days I believe.
However, after applying those ones in shade 16, I couldn't look at my nails and also felt like I shouldn't show them to anyone else. The stickers are yellowish, which looks really bad on, and basically I ended up scratching them off because they just looked disgusting.

And the only body product I've used up so far since Summer was this Ziaja Intima intimate wash that I also got back in Summer on holidays. I got it to prevent infections, which are pretty common during this season because of a lot of contact with water- I also went swimming pretty often in August and September. This shower gel is really delicate and does not irritate your skin, it has a very calming, herbal scent too. And it lasted for 3 months, which is amazing in my opinion ( it's only 200 ml). Once I'm in Poland I think I'll repurchase this if I see it.

I used up my first bottle of the Bourjois micellar water for waterproof make-up and I had to ask a friend of mine to get me a new one when she was in Poland.
It is so affordable and taking off waterproof make-up is a dream with this cleanser! It also smells nice and the bottle with the little pearl on top of the lid is just so cute in my opinion.
I'm already half way through my second bottle and again, once I'm in Poland I will get some of this because at the moment this is my favourite make-up remover, I definitely recommend it!

What I don't recommend is the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer, which I got in the lightest shade and it still didn't manage to cover up any of my dark circles. I've seen many girls talking about this, but for me this concealer just doesn't work at all. It does maybe work for some light reddish spots- but that's all. Definitely not gonna repurchase it unfortunately.

And the last product is a mascara from AVON that I got for Christmas aaaages ago! It was actually three years ago and it is good for making your lashes longer and to separate them, but what I don't like about the mascara is that it doesn't give you any volume, it doesn't keep your lashes up, so they just hang down really and it has a pretty strong smell of plastic??
I just used it on my lower lashes until it got empty.
It also has a silicon wand, which I actually always liked, so I'm gonna keep it because it could be useful.

And that's everything! I hope you enjoyed this quick post, let me know if you've tried any of those products (or if you want to try any).
Thanks for reading!

I'm off to bake an apple pie and maybe some of my apple duffins too




  1. Lovely post. Really enjoying your writing style.
    Keep it up!

    I've just started my blog. Would you be as kind as checking it out and telling me what you think when you have some time?

    Kind regards,

  2. The concealer is pretty bad, had it myself, useless. Concealers like that are only useful for eyeshadow Base to cover up the veins!

  3. I want to try the Bourjois Micellar water!! I didn't even know they did one

    Lauren x |

    1. It's amazing but it's hard to find. I think I've seen some on Amazon?

  4. I don't know what I'd do without that Batiste dry shampoo! Love it.