Wednesday, 15 April 2015

My OOTD: A Day Full Of Sunshine And Another Birthday Gift!

Today Eryk and I were supposed to go to town together but since he doesn't feel too well and he also had to wait for his new phone to be delivered, he stayed at home and I went on my own.

It was really sunny but from time to time there were tiny rain drops coming pouring down and I got annoyed. I also met a friend from College so we stood in the kind of rain talking for a while after I was done with the shopping and about to go home.

Here's my outfit and also something I bought myself for my Birthday...

My trenchcoat is from Pimkie, as you may probably already know from this haul video.
It's perfect for the weather just now because in the shadow it does get pretty chilly, and I am not too happy when I'm cold...
My sweater is from New Look and I got it ages ago. It's a peachy colour I'd say and definitely not a warm jumper. I paired it with my black skater skirt from H&M that I also got a long time ago, back when I still lived in Vienna. I think that it is a pretty classic piece, so you can wear it with many different tops.
I also wore my black 100 denier Primark tights, because even though people in the UK stopped wearing tights, I can't imagine this yet.
My shoes are some caramel brown flats from Lasocki, that again were bought in Vienna once it got warmer last year. I like to wear those shoes with my Fossil satchel, because they nearly have the same colour and I really like both of them a lot!

So, I bought myself those pretty sunglasses from Love Moschino. They are black and have some white stripes on the inside. On the sides they have a cute red heart and the Love Moschino print. I thought that they look really cute and I couldn't resist.... Let me know what you think of them.
 My nail polish is from Golden Rose if you're wondering, and it's also in the haul video!
Excuse the weird baby hair here... it's crazy - I know.

Here I am, trying to pose with my new glasses. Classy.

And that was it for today! I really wanted ice cream but I was pretty sure it would melt on the way back home. Maybe I'll manage to go to ASDA later on and get some Oreo ice cream... Maybe...




  1. I love how you're still posting every day :D please don't stop, I have something to look forward everyday :D

    1. Right now I'm still on holidays from College, so I do find the time to take pictures and so on. But I guess that once College starts on Monday again, I will run out of time and it will get more complicated again. I do however try to post as often as possible. :) Thank you very much though!