Sunday, 12 April 2015

Blog Update

Hello everyone!
I was thinking about my blog recently pretty often and also didn't blog on some days.

Blogging everyday means having material to blog about for every day, which is nezrly impossible for me just now.

I am studying and was working all weekend long. I couldn't go out to take any outfit pictures, I was wearing my work uniform as well, so there is no OOTD for me during the weekends.

I also have nothing just now in beauty that I could write about spontaneously. I would prefer to take myself a bit time, to think about topics, interesting topics, and to write better entries, rather than just trying to find a quick subject every day and writing something down quickly to make sure people have something new to read every single evening. However, I don't even have that many viewers so I feel like I am wasting quite a lot of time at the moment.

I thought about blogging only twice a week, rather than every day. Maybe Moday and Thursday would be good, or Tuesday and Friday evenings. Sometimes I would maybe even manage to come up with some more ideas and could blog more than twice a week. But putting pressure on myself to really post every day annoys me and I don't feel like this is right about blogging.

Hopefully you will understand that apart from blogging I also have a lot to do and that blogging less would maybe make better entries.

If you have any topic suggestions, just let me know in the comments. You can also tell me what videos you would like to see that I could film for my Youtube Channel.

Havee a nice week, enjoy yourself and see you next time!



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