Thursday, 9 April 2015

Sunny Day Back In Edinburgh + Easter Vlog!

Today I was so excited when I got up and saw that the sun was shining. The temperature was going up and up throughout the day and now my phone says 18 degrees, which is just amazing!

I had to do the grocery shopping, since Eryk isn't home, bur first I went to the bank in town and also enjoyed the sunshine.
On my way back I went to ASDA and bought so many things that I wasn't even sure whether I could carry so much and I surely looked like an idiot carrying around those three shopping bags, but well, it was food, right?

Back home I unpacked everything and did the laundry, hung it outside and did the second part of the laundry while having a little picnic with Maya in the garden. I had some ice cream and orange juice and Maya was happy enough to run around the grass with no leash on!
She was a very good girl and I didn't even need to run after her all the time.
Then I put her back in her cage and started editing the Easter vlog, which is currently uploading to Youtube. It is a pretty long one, so I hope that it won't be uploading too long and that you won't get bored watching it. There will be no vlog tomorrow, since I'm uploading it today, but I've planned to make another video for you and I hope that it will be cool.

I'm pretty hungy and don't think that even more ice cream will solve the problem, so I'm gonna go downstairs and check what I could make for dinner. I only had a fudge and cream doghnut and ice cream today, which is not too much I guess. Calories- yes, hunger gone- no.

I'll be home alone until quite late because Eryk will be back just then, so looks like a lot of series are going to be watched...



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