Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Recipe | Rice with Mushroom and Chicken Breast Fillet Sauce

Today I had College and we were supposed to get enrolled, but from the whole class only two got, so it was quite a mess and really annoying, but well. Looks like we need to deal with this. So on my way home I decided to treat myself and bought some ingredients for today's dinner.

Today you'll learn how to cook this: 

The ingredients for 2 people (at least me and Eryk)

-1 chicken breast fillet ( YOU CAN COOK IT WITHOUT MEAT AS WELL!)
-1 cup of rice
-1 double cream
-half of a big onion
-half of a punnet mushrooms
-some Vegeta (vegetable seasoning)
-pepper, salt, vegetable spread

1) So what I did first was chopping up the meat, mushrooms and onions in small bits and putting them into separate bowls.

2) Then I took a little bit of vegetable spread (you can use oil as well) and put it into a pan.

3) After the spread melted I added the chopped up onion and let it cook for a short time.

4) In the meanwhile I put the rice into a small pot, added water and a teaspoon of salt and just let it cook.

5) After that I added the meat and vegetable seasoning to the pan with the onion bits( of course you can mix the seasoning with the meat in a bowl before). I also added some pepper.

6) When you see that the meat changed its colour, add the mushrooms, mix everything with a wooden spoon and let it cook for some minutes. 

7) After some time you add the cream and mix through it again and let it cook for some more minutes. 

8) After some time I always try the sauce and add salt and pepper if needed.

9) When your sauce tastes good, turn the stove off and wait for the rice to get ready.

10) When it is finally ready, get rid of the water and you can serve your rice with your delicious sauce!

I totally love this meal and I can't even remember how many times I've cooked it already  over here in Scotland.

Bon appetit!

Oh, and also, a selfie of the day:

See you tomorrow!



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