Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Picnic At Night

Today both Eryk and I were in college and afterwards we met at his parents house. We stayed there for quite a while and I got to see the baby again! She is so cute, I could cuddle her all day long!
When we were about to go home it was past 7 already and we were waiting long for every bus we needed to take so I took some pictures on our way. Also, we needed to buy some milk, so we also popped into the shop and then Eryk decided that he'd like to have some fish and chips. And as there is a chip shop just around the corner we went there. But there was no fish anymore so Eryk tried some haggis and chips with brown sauce. We didn't want to go home already so we sat outside watching the city lights and airplanes landing. I enjoyed it so much, even though it was again just such a small simple thing. There was an older lady walking her dog and he wanted to eat our chips and he was so cute! And the lady said to us " Oh, are you having your tea outside tonight? It's such a lovely weather!". And it is, it's such a nice night, not too cold. Nice for walks. Now we just arrived home and we shouldn't stay up too late today as tomorrow is another day full of college and work and we should rest a bit.

Good night!



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