Saturday, 27 September 2014

Home, Food & Clothes Favourites | September

I came home some time ago and while at work I realised that the month is coming to an end and that I need to write my post about Favourite things. Well, This post is going to be about some food stuff and also something for home and one piece of clothing.

 Here they are, and now I'll just quickly write some words about them.

1) McVities Digstives biscuits- We always bought chocolate ones and I was fine with them. But then one day I found these and I decided to give them a try and they are so good that Eryk and I ate already so many packs of them over the last days. They are so nice, they are basic biscuits with a thin caramel layer and a chocolate layer on top. They sometimes cost 1 pound, which is also good.
Yesterday I bought one pack but Eryk ate them all in bed and left only one over for me. :( But I already bought new ones today. Whoops!

2) Febreze Air effects- This air refreshener smells so nice and we use it on a daily basis for our room to let it smell nice at any time. This scent is called Spring Collection and it is a flowery smell. Since we have a ferret that poops a lot and we only clean the cage twice a day, it is also very useful to get rid of the pet smell sometimes.

3) Cheerios- Sometimes I don't really feel like having a sandwich for breakfast so I go for Cheerios. I remember that I never liked them until one day, not so long ago, when I was in my aunt's house and had them. And now they are my favourite cereals and I can eat them every day with nice cold milk. Not only for breakfast, but also as a quick snack during the day they are great. We also have Cookie Crisps and some Rice Puffs but I prefer these.

4) Tymbark Cactus- This juice brings back so many memories from Poland. This is such a typical drink for summer in Poland and I don't know why. I remember it being at every barbecue party. It is just a really refreshing apple, lime and cactus juice. I really like it and I would just love being in Poland now, having really nice holidays, but well, holidays are over. I need to remember to buy this one more often from now on, because it really makes me feel good.

5) H&M crochet sweater- I am such a knit person. I always love having a cosy cardigan or sweater and this one is my favourite one at this moment. The problem is that this is actually the only one that is acceptable to wear with everything and that actually still looks good. (I mean it's new but my other ones are already a bit damaged from washing them and so on). It is a light cream colour, keeps you warm and as I said it goes with everything. Well, I thought of buying another one of these, just in a different colour and I hope that I will manage to do this until it gets really cold.

These were some of my favourite things this month and I hope that I gave you a quick overview of them. ;)



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