Sunday, 21 September 2014

Autumn Must-Haves

It's all about being cosy and warm in autumn. As the weather is getting worse, there is less sunshine and more rainy clouds, it is good to keep yourself cosy and warm at home. Or on the go if needed.
I personally, love the summer and I could live during summer all year long. It is just much comfier I think, you don't need to think too long about how to combine your outfit so that you won't be freezing but also not too hot. And in summer it is warm, at least most of the time, you can do so many things outside and enjoy the nice weather.
In autumn you have to think more about amusement at home, I think.

                                              Well, so here are my Autumn essentials. :)

1) Some good Hot Chocolate
I am not that much a hot chocolate person, I could drink Earl Grey tea all the time. But recently I bought this hot chocolate from Cadbury and I think that it is quite nice to have some at home for situations where you'd just prefer to have something chocolaty instead of a tea. It is also cool for movie nights or while studying. Just get comfy and have a nice cup of hot chocolate.

2) Some colour change on your lips
Many girls prefer to wear light or very bright lip sticks and glosses during summer, and darker ones in autumn and winter. I don't wear lipstick too often, so I don't even have many of them. But I have this Apocalips lipgloss from Rimmel (I think it's called Galaxy) in this beautiful berryish colour. I totally love it and will surely wear it any time soon again. I also have my Golden Rose lipstick in a similar colour, but matte, and I also think it is amazing for this time of the year, but I couldn't resist wearing it in summer! 

3) A hot bath after getting soaking wet in the rain
Well, yesterday in the morning when I left for work the rain was just horrible, so by the time I arrived at work, my hair was so wet that it was dripping, it was as wet as I'd wash it, my clothes were all wet and cold and sticking to my skin. It was just horrible. And in the afternoon when I left work the weather was beautiful again. Well, Britain, your weather really can be strange sometimes!
Imagine yourself in pouring rain, freezing and wanting to go home quickly to change your clothes. Well, you could also have a hot bath that would bring you back to life after such a horrible scene.

4) Slippers
Also, British mornings tend to be SLIGHTLY COLD (meaning: really cold). I hate getting out of bed when its cold in the house because I would just freeze to death earlier rather than get myself ready to leave. I wouldn't go down to the kitchen barefoot. Well, that's why I have cute, warm, cosy, soft slippers! And trust me, I used to be the person that would never ever wear slippers anywhere. No matter how cold the floor would be. Well, now that I have cute slippers I think I need to wear them non-stop.

5) Warm jumpers
Also, as Britain's weather is so strange, it is always good to wear a jumper on top of your dress or nice vest, knowing that it will get warmer in the afternoon. But mornings and evenings are just really cold and I totally hate it. Layering your clothes is a good way to choose a good outfit for autumn and winter. I always wear a basic vest and then a nice jumper or cardigan on top so that I could take something off in case I get too hot, and so that I can put something on again in case I get cold. I think that jumpers are just so cosy that I could buy an infinite amount of them (if I had the money of course) and I would wear them all the time and everywhere. They keep you warm and make you look nice!

6) Nice smelling candles
Excuse me for this little fluff to photobomb my important picture.
Well, I totally love candles and in Vienna I used to have so many of them! I had Yankee Candles and a WoodWick candle and the ones from IKEA, and all of them are just amazing! However, I didn't want to take them on that long journey from Vienna to Edinburgh because I was too scared that they would break. I didn't manage to buy many candles yet, I only have some tea lights from Yankee Candle in the scent Clean Cotton and this one from Airwick, which is a fig one. This smells amazing and I love letting it burn in our room in the evening when I study or when I lay in bed and check Instagram and so on.

7) Lip care for cold days
I also totally need lip care all the time. I have way too many lip balms and Vaselines and so on and if I didn't force myself not to buy any new ones, I would probably be broke already. A good product for my lips that I have discovered some months ago, is this Kaufmann's Haut-& Kinder-Creme. It's basically like Nivea but it feels a bit different and it has a lemony scent. I totally love this and use this on my lips often, even though it is a hand and body cream for kids. But it is good and it prevents my lips from getting sore and dry.

8) A fluffy cuddle buddy
Well, not everyone has a fluffy cuddle buddy, but we do have our small baby Maya( and as you can see she is not small any more, she got so long!) I totally love it when she is sleeping next to me or on my chest and I can just stroke her fluffy fur and she won't move away, she would just try to cuddle more into you. It is totally adorable and I love her so much for being so cute most of the times.
However, lately she's been a bit cheeky and behaving like a human baby crying at night so we had to get up and check on her all night long. Last night she was a good girl and didn't wake us up at all!

I think these are all my Autumn essentials and I hope that you will agree with most of them. 
I don't like cold days and I will be so sad once the sun stops showing up and once the rainy days will start. 



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