Friday, 26 September 2014

The Royal Mile

Today I cleaned nearly the entire house apart from the stairs and our flat mates room.
I was cleaning up for so long that I was in my pyjamas until the afternoon! When I finished I decided to get ready and go to town to sort out my phone. I went to three or four different shops and found out that only unlocking my phone would cost 50 pounds so I decided not to do it and to ask for contracts and phones at o2 and Three. Well, so finally I found an offer that I am interested in and I hope Eryk will tell me that the phone is ok and then I will go on Monday and get it hopefully.
But as I was wandering around town, trying to find phone shops, I walked along Princes Street and then a guy in one of the phone shops told me to go across the bridges and find another shop. I was totally confused and ended up standing on The Royal Mile. Being there I thought to myself "Ok, lets stay here for some more minutes." so I took some pictures of the buildings and I saw St. Giles' Cathedral- my love. I've never been inside of it but it is just BEAUTIFUL! Next time I'll have some minutes, or hours left, I'll go there and enjoy the beauty of this cathedral.

Not to bore you with my thoughts- here are the pictures.

Old Town

The Balmoral

Waverley Station

The Carlton and The Scotsman

The Royal Mile

The Royal Mile

St. Gile's Cathedral

The Royal Mile

Hope you enjoyed the photos as much as I enjoyed being there. It is a beautiful place!



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