Saturday, 6 September 2014

Working Hard

Today I started work at 9 in the morning and I just didn't want to get out of bed as I couldn't get any proper sleep last night. In the morning I hardly even could wake Eryk up to make me some breakfast. But in the end he did, so I had enough time to get ready. I arrived quite early for work so I've been there even before 9. I then did all the things I'd usually do and I enjoy it. It is not hard physical work, which is very good. But when it comes to working in the freezer area, I'm surely not the happiest. After some time you can't even feel your fingers anymore and your skin is just so sore that it seems like it is going to rip apart on your knuckles. But luckily I got some gloves today so that my hands will be a bit more safe. Today I actually worked a lot at the till and it was a bit stressful because some things went wrong, there were too many customers and too little staff. I also needed some help with some things so I couldn't work too fast because of the customers and the manager being busy too. But it was ok! I survived and I think I've done quite a nice job today.

At 6 in the evening I could finally go home, after a long shift. When I arrived home I found Karina and Paige in the living room, which surprised me a bit, but it was nice to see them again after a longer time now. When they left I went upstairs and talked to my mum on Skype for about an hour or so and told her all the fun things that are going on here. And after that I decided that it was time to write a short post for you to keep you up to date!

Now I'll enjoy my hot tea and my garlic baguette, while watching some videos before picking Eryk up from work. He actually wanted to bake something but I don't think that I should stay up late if I need to get up for work at 7 tomorrow.

I totally love these! And when I came home I saw a Maoam with tiny tooth imprints in it. Hmmm.. who was that? Surely not somebody that is allowed to eat Maoam's!

Hot tea always makes me feel better!

And to make my belly happy, I'll just have a whole garlic baguette myself. Not feeling bad about it at all.

Night night! :)



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