Sunday, 28 September 2014

Favourite Beauty Products | September

As I published the Favourites post about other things, now it is time to talk about beauty. I really don't have many beauty products, only what I need. I would really love to have really excited beauty products but right now, I am not in such a good financial situation to buy whatever I'd like to.
But still, I think that there are some changes from month to month, regarding preferred beauty products.

1) I am in love with the coconut lip calm from Yves Rocher. It is so soft and so creamy and it smells so nice as well. I use it so often during the day that it is nearly empty already, and I bought this one at the airport on my way to Scotland in April. This is actually my second lip balm of this scent and it surely is my most used one. I also have one that smells like raspberries but it is tinted so this one is better for on the go in my opinion. My lips are usually dry and I need to have lip care everywhere I go, so this one is always in my bag to protect my lips.

2) An older product in my make up bag is this crayon eye liner from Essence. I just got it a long time ago, back in Vienna to use it on my lower lash line but it doesn't really work out always because my lashes are in the way and the line gets really thick so I need to make it thinner using a cotton wool bud. But lately I discovered that I can make very thin lines just above my upper lashes, so that my lash line looks thicker but I don't exactly have a visible line on my lids. I have oily lids and normally such eye liner would just melt on my eyes and my eye lid would be black all over. But with a think line this doesn't happen and my eyes look pretty. So that's what I use it for. It was cheap and it lasts nearly a life time.

3) The next product is the one I use to fill in my eyebrows. It is the BeautyUK high brow all in one brow definition kit. It costs a bit more than four pounds, but you get three shades in this palette and there is also a wax to fix your eyebrows. And there is also a small brush with a round and angled end, and mini tweezers. Which means that basically you can do your brows with only one product everywhere you want. I use the angled brush end to fill in my brows and the round one to apply the wax afterwards. It really helped me to control the growth of my brows. They are still not perfect but they already look so much nicer , because I could shape them easily with this small kit.

4) Once I needed a nail polish remover and I was at ASDA and saw this one from Sally Hansen on sale so I just grabbed it because it was 2 pounds something. I didn't expect anything special from it, just a normal nail polish remover. But no. When I first used it I was so surprised by it! With one cotton pad I can remove the nail polish from all 10 nails without any problem, you don't need more than two seconds per nail because the nail polish gets off nearly immediately after you touch your nail with the pad. This nail polish remover is just a miracle and I will surely keep buying this one. As you only need such a tiny amount of it, it will last for a longer while than a usual drug store remover and it is just so good and so easy to work with. I totally love this!

5) And the last product I wanted to show you is my Batiste dry shampoo in fruity& cheeky cherry. I have thick and heavy hair and I wash it every three days, basically twice a week. On the third day they start looking heavy and they tend to just hang down and to get too shiny. People always tell me that you can't see it on my hair but I can at least feel it and I totally hate it but I just can't wash my hair more often because that would kill me. So as I am working weekends and I usually wear a ponytail at work and my hair needs to be washed again, I use some of this to make my hair look a bit fluffier and lighter again and make it smell better until I finally come home and get to wash it. I can't really tell that it makes an amazing difference but it helps at least a bit, and with my hair it is generally difficult to find good hair products, so I think that having a can of Batiste at home is always good, just in case I'd want to freshen up my hair.

And these were all the products I wanted to show you this time. I hope that my short reviews helped you if you were maybe thinking of getting one of these products, and that you enjoyed it.

Tomorrow I am back in College and after that I need to go to town to pick up my new phone. I am so excited, I don't even know anything about phones. But at least I will finally be able to communicate on the go and stuff. 



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