Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Tiny ASOS- Haul And OOTD!

Some days ago I was sitting at home bored and was checking out ASOS' homepage to see what they currently offer. I never bought anything from the internet before so I didn't think I would this time.
But I was wrong. After seeing cute doll-like cutout shoes, something I've wanted for ages but couldn't find anywhere, I decided that I want them. I still knew that I wouldn't buy them so I didn't know what to do. When Eryk came home I showed him the shoes and he even chose the colour for me and he said that I need to buy them. So we just ordered them with some cute black dolly socks and that was it. I just needed to wait until my parcel would arrive. I felt kind of bad for buying another pair of shoes but I thought that this one would look so cute in autumn with my dresses. I bought them in mint, they were also available in baby pink and white but I thought that mint would go with most of my dresses.
So today in the morning, when I was getting ready for college, the parcel arrived. I quickly opened it and tried on the shoes and needed to change my outfit as I wanted to wear my new shoes to college. So I just took my favourite summer dress, wore some plain black tights underneath and my new mint shoes. And I was ready to leave.
I wasn't sure what size to pick when ordering the shoes so I just checked the size guard and after measuring my foot it told me to order size UK 8. Well, it is a bit too big for me but with thick tights in autumn they will be perfect so I don't regret taking them in a bigger size. They also don't hurt my toes, which is very important and what makes me really happy.

Well, and the black lace socks are just so cute but I am not sure yet if I'm going to wear them outside, but I'll try to.

dress: TROLL, sweater: vintage, bag: GABS, shoes: ASOS, tights: Scotmid, watch: Swatch



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  1. aw I love your shoes, they are gorgeous! so cute :) x