Thursday, 18 September 2014

Foggy Days And College Snacks

Today Eryk and I woke up earlier (finally) as I wanted to wash my hair and we wanted to go to the bakery to have our breakfast somewhere in the park or so. So once I've finished getting ready we went to the bakery and had some tasty cream and fudge doughnuts, pies and a soup.
Then we went back home and I thought that I'd take the bus to College from the bakery already, but I still had 45 minutes left so I had a nice tea at home and then I took the bus to College. I thought I was going to be late but I arrived just on time. I had French today so I was happy to be there as I enjoy these lessons more than Spanish. After the course I headed back home and when I arrived there I made myself a cup of tea again and I started doing my French Homework as it is a lot of work that needs to be done. But as the weather is not nice any more, and it's just foggy and rainy, I decided to have a nap for only twenty minutes. However, I was too sleepy to get up and woke up after an hour. Then I did the laundry and prepared myself a small snack, and I am still sleepy but I need to continue with my homework.

Tomorrow we planned on going swimming and to sort out my phone finally because it is really annoying to have no access to a phone. Especially if you are new in a city and get lost and can't look up where you are. That's why I try not to go places I don't know.
We will see how our plans will go, but I hope that they will stay the way they are now.

Vest: New Look, Jeans: WAREHOUSE

Still love these jellies for their taste and shape. Eryk just ate all the rest. :(

That's what my boyfriend did earlier when I said I needed a nap but needed a blanket. So cute! And I even got a DIY extra long straw so that I could sip my tea without getting up!



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