Friday, 16 January 2015

Maya's First Walk | Ferret Time

Some days ago I ordered a ferret leash/ harness from Amazon and thought it would be quite useful, should we need to go out with Maya, or even just to train her at home. It arrived today in the morning and we decided to go for a walk with our dear little ferret girl.

I think she was a bit confused because of all the different sounds, smells, people, dogs on our walk, but then we are also sure that she was very curious and wanted to smell everything and would stay in one place for some minutes.
As it is pretty cold outside we took her little blanket with us to wrap her up should she be freezing, and actually at the end of the walk she really stayed in it and was very calm, so it looks like it was a good idea.

When we left the house the weather was beautiful, it was sunny and the sky was cloudless. On our way back home we decided to take the bus because it started snowing unexpectedly. I even left the laundry in the garden to dry but unfortunately it got a bit wet when we arrived.
As we thought the driver wouldn't let us on the bus with a ferret, we put Maya and her blanket in my bag and she seemed to be very, very comfy and warm because she didn't even try to get out. At home I put the bag on the floor while Eryk and I ran to in the garden to bring the laundry inside and once we came back, Maya was still sitting in the bag.

We should definitely go on such walks more often once it gets warmer and I hope that Maya will eventually get used to walking on a leash.

Have a nice Friday and weekend everyone! 



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