Saturday, 24 January 2015

Another AVON Haul | Beauty

Some time ago I had the chance to order some more AVON cosmetics and it was so hard to chose something, and I can definitely tell that I would love to try out so many things!
Last time I got in total six products, which you can see here: AVON Haul Nr 1.
This time I got five products and I really think that they are great.

Let's start with some body mist. I even ordered one the last time, but in the Cherry Blossom scent, which I already had before and loved it. I use it on a daily basis so I thought it would be cool to get some other scents too.

So I went for two different ones. One is the Strawberry & Guava one, and the other one is the Orange Blossom one.
I actually have a shower gel from the Strawberry & Guava range, but I haven't used it yet, since I am using my Soap&Glory Orangeasm at the moment. But I smelt the shower gel and I liked it, so that's why I chose the mist from this range.
The Orange Blossom was something I thought sounded nice and it turned out that Eryk's mum has ordered it too and I could have a look. so I decided to really get it as I liked it too. They are both fruity, but I think that the Orange one is a bit "heavier" than the Strawberry and Guava mist. I still like both of them and have now a small collection of three body mists to chose from.

The next product is a hair serum, that I think Eryk's sister has and she loves it. It contains honey extract and jojoba oil. It smells beautiful and it also doesn't really leave your hair greasy, but sleek and shiny ( and hopefully nourished as well). I already have one hair oil, but this one seems a bit more lightweight to me and I think it is easier to use in terms of making your hair look nice- or making your hair look dirty. I will actually try to use it on a regular basis, maybe twice a week, to help keep my hair pretty for as long as possible.

And the last two things I got are lipsticks. I have so many lip products, but actually only one proper lipstick, which is a matte dusty pink one from Golden Rose and I love it.
Now I wanted to try out some AVON lipsticks and chose the shades Toasted rose, which is again a dusty pink, but a lighter one, more nude one and more glossy than the Golden Rose one, and Wine With Everything, which is a pretty burgundy colour, that I've wanted for ages now.
They both look very pretty on my lips I think, and the dark one also makes my teeth look a bit whiter in my opinion.

Hope you liked this quick beauty update, and I can't wait to order some new babies from AVON, but I know that for now I should take a short break.

And don't forget to check out yesterday's vlog, it doesn't have too many clicks yet. :(



  1. I'm a lipstick addict too. Althogh I don't use them too often I just like to own them and to have many of them to chose from.
    What are the AVON ones like? Do they leave the lips dry or are they rather nourishing?

    1. I actually haven't worn them out yet because I just got them yesterday evening, but I will most likely wear them next week, so I will be able to tell you how they are :)