Saturday, 10 January 2015

New Jack Wills Shopper

On my way back home from College on Thursday I checked Jack Will's homepage and spotted this shopper bag, which is so pretty with its floral print and the vivid colours. I wanted a black leather bag for school, that would fit all my College things, but I didn't find one yet. But I thought that this shopper would be big enough to hold a folder, pencil case, a drink, some snacks etc. So, I just went for it and we'll see how it will turn out to be.

Also, I think that it will be a great bag for summer days out and I can't wait to take it outside any more.

So, I've ordered it on Thursday afternoon, and today, on Saturday, it already arrived! I was so surprised that it all went so fast, but that's even better!

Today I was at work all day long and sadly the heating broke again... and tomorrow I'll have another long shift. Hopefully I won't be freezing too much and that the day will go by quickly.

I also have some homework to do before the next week starts again, but I just absolutely don't feel like it at all.

If you haven't seen our latest video yet, here you can watch it, and you better do so! :)

Have a nice Saturday night and Sunday! 



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