Saturday, 31 January 2015

Spring feeling

Yesterday in town, I decided to look out for flowers that I could display in my room. I've bought carnations quite often over the time I've been here in Scotland and I really like them. But yesterday I spotted tulips for the first time in ages and they reminded me of how much I miss having beautiful tulips around me.
Tulips are definitely my favourite flowers and I got the bouquet for £2 only! I should have bought two instead of one only, but I somehow didn't think about that yesterday. There were yellow, orange and pink ones, but the white ones were just so beautiful that I had to pick them! They don't really give a pop of colour to the room, which I usually like, but they are so delicate and make the room cosy and calm.
Since I now know where to get tulips from, I will definitely get them more often and feel a bit more "springy". The winter is really annoying me already and I want it to get warm outside finally.
Let's hope that my beautiful white tulips will cheer me up at least!

Talking about buying more flowers this spring, I will also need to get myself a pretty but simple vase for our room to keep all the flowers in! The tulips are currently in a high tumbler glass, which doesn't look too bad.

I came home an hour ago and just minutes before I left it turned out that apparently I am off tomorrow for some reason, which is really nice. So, maybe I will be able to go and find a vase and another bouquet of pretty tulips in town.

Also, please go and check out our latest vlog that I edited and uploaded on YouTube yesterday! You can watch it, by clicking here!

What about you, do you like flowers too?




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