Thursday, 25 June 2015

My Current Make-Up Routine

I always wanted to film some make-up videos but I don't have a good tripod nor good light to film such nice close up's. So even if I try to take make-up pictures it is extremely difficult to capture the make-up. I basically look very, very weird on such close up pictures and then I always decide better not to do make-up posts because I am just so bad at them.
But today I thought I'd show you what I usually apply to my face in the morning and how it looks like after a whole day of running around in the rain, trying to find something without big success.

To start with, I use the REN vita Mineral Active 7 Eye Gel around my eyes and sometimes I also feel like moisturising, so I also use my Tolpa mattifying face cream, but usually I do in the evenings.
Then, I use my Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer in the shade 010 Ivory - I apply it underneath my eyes, on all the spots and red bits of my face.
Once I'm done with that, I use my Bourjois Healthy Balance powder in 53 and then the Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzer in 52. 
After bronzer I use a bit of the Sleek Blush in the shade Rose Gold 926. It already is shimmery but I still do apply some Bourjois Delice de Poudre Duo highlighter to my cheeks, brow bones, nose and inner corner of my eyes.
Sometimes I also feel like filling in my eyebrows because they just won't grow at the ends and they are just extremely thin there. To fill them in a bit, I use the BeautyUK high brow all in one brow definition kit.
Then it is time for eyeliner, which is tricky and sometimes I have bad days and my eyeliner looks terrible so I try to draw a thinner line instead of a thick one, because then it usually all goes wrong. I use my Maybelline Lasting Drama Black Shock gel liner and it is waterproof, so once I've made a mistake, it is very difficult to just take off the bit that looks bad. 
To finish off the whole look  I use my Rimmel Scandaleyes Lycraflex mascara on both my upper and lower lashes.
And if I feel like it, I'll also use some dusty pink lipstick or just a lipbalm most of the time.

Today I've been in town all day long to find some Raspberry Marshmallow Fluff but there was only either the original one in the shops, or there were none at all. In the end I bought the original flavour because I couldn't figure out where else to go and check. It was also raining terribly all day long and I was wearing a summer dress, my trench coat and my leather flats that got so wet that they completely changed their colour and I just hope they will be fine.
I am kind of tired and after having dinner too, I feel even more tired now. I guess it's nap time!




  1. Your eyes are looking so sad in these pictures :(

    You have mentioned some times that it's difficult for you to cover up your undereye circles: try to use a red-orange lipstick before using the concealer - it works really well, at least for me. :)

    1. Oh I'm so tired today because the weather keeps changing all the time, so I'm totally exhausted even though I don't really do much! :D