Wednesday, 10 June 2015

My OOTD: First Hot Day Of The Year

I've been in heaven all day long because of the amazing sun and the really warm temperature. I've got such a tan compared to what I looked like yesterday, but you can't really tell from the pictures.
To me it's kind of the first really hot day of the year, even though Vienna is twice as hot as the moment. but I would call it hot here in Edinburgh today.
I was in the sun all morning and early afternoon but now I decided to sit at home a bit to let my skin relax a bit.

In half an hour I'm leaving to pick Eryk up from work and this is the outfit I chose:

batik print dress - Troll
leather satchel - FOSSIL
lace flats - Primark

I also decided to braid my "fringe" so that the hair is not in my face all the time because I would sweat even more.

And here's what I looked like before, but after laying in the grass fully exposed to the sun for about two hours.Here I only wanted to be outside but not really having my face in the sunshine any more. And I was having a watermelon again, just like yesterday.

crop top - Primark
patterned shorts - Primark

The other day my best friend Steffi wrote me that every time she eats watermelon she thinks of me and it is just the same for me - when I have watermelon, I think of her. :) <3

Another thing I wanted to add is the latest vlog because I just enjoyed that week so much and maybe you'll like watching it! VLOG

And if you're wondering what I listen to lately a lot, here you are! 

Now I'm off to town, hope you all have such nice weather wherever you live :)




  1. Are you fluent in french?

    1. I am not fluent but I do understand what people say in conversations :)

  2. Is there any language that you want to learn also?

    1. There are many but I guess Russian and Italian would be next on the list :)

  3. What are your tips for beginners who want to learn different language?

    1. First of all I think it is important that someone really wants to learn a language and that they really work hard.
      My tips are probably not only learning from books like grammar, but also speaking and listening, which is easy to pick up from videos ( Youtube has helped me a lot!).
      If you know more than a language, and you learn vocab, make yourself a notebook with all the new words, translating them into the other languages you use too. ( I like to translate Spanish/French vocab into German and English).
      Using the language makes it easier to pick it up, so travel and speaking to natives is always a good thing.
      And probably the best thing to learn a language properly is to go abroad where you would actually use the language on a daily basis like I did with English. During lessons at school you won't learn how to deal with bank issues, documents or similar stuff.

      I think those are the best tips that I would give to people who want to learn a foreign language. Hope this helps a bit! :)

  4. ?Do you have any tanning tips?

    1. I used to take Beta Carotene Pills in summer so that I would tan better but now I'm not taking anything. I only use the Piz Buin Tanning Oil ( You can see it here: Still, I do tan quickly and I never got sunburnt even though I basically don't use sunscreen at all.
      I don't really have tanning tips apart from tan enhancing tanning oils and/or beta carotene or eating lots of carrots, I would tan as often as possible instead of once for 5 horus in a row to let your skin get used to the sun.
      I think this is all I can say about tanning :)

  5. do a post called "what i ate through the day"

    1. I feel like this is so complicated because I am so bad at eating. Some days I don't eat proper food and sometimes I could eat all the time. But I'll try to eat properly one day to show you what I would eat normally :)